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The new MasterChef Celebrity´s 2 elimination lounge, An stellar collaboration.


The intimacy of a dressing room, a prelude right before going on stage and the farewell after a great performance. A space where the nerves tighten and the courage strengthens. A scenography that tucks in people and raises them to the stars.

Seating in front of this new stage, the view turns us into spectators; we can sense the desires of the artistic coordinator, with a decoration that takes us from the ipso facto to the privacy of a theatre, the creative stronghold of the artist… where the frenetic activity is felt.

This is the new MasterChef Celebrity´s 2 contestant´s lounge.

From the golden era of Hollywood in their last edition to the Cabaret theme. Garment, roses, big curtains… Opulence, elegance and sophistication.

The first MasterChef Celebrity edition was a real success. The culinary talent arrived with great contestant. Its comeback keeps on captivating the audience due to its excellent format and the great work of Shine Iberia, which belongs to Endemol Shine Group and RTVE.

It’s a true privilege to see edition after edition; that the person responsible of the artistic direction, Ulia Loureiro Ishi-Kawa keeps on counting with Francisco Segarra´s furniture and accessories to carry out her work. That we see over a majestic red carpet, a Chester leather sofa, velvet armchairs, a trunk and a line of mirrors. Without a doubt a stellar decoration, in what we perceived as a tribute to actors, comedians and other big professionals in the world of spectacles.

The dressing room, one elimination lounge. One last step before the farewell. The final adventure before going back to their chores. One last act, except for the winner that will be part of MasterChef Celebrity´s firmament.

A successful T.V format with a top collaboration.

MasterChef is a world renowned TV show, the arrival of the broadcast around Spain, was a true television phenomenon that went further from the TV set. Hot trending topic in the social networks, the leading audience quote seduce critics together with all the editions of their recipe books which reached top sellers in book stores. Francisco Segarra has been a sponsor trough the lending of furniture and accessories since 2015.

One successful format with many incentives. Among them is the opportunity to get to know the contestants outside of their comfort zone, unveiling they’re most fun, blatant or dramatic faces;  to take on the difficult challenges of the jury, like preparing famous chef´s recipes, to be able to cook international dishes or to try new ingredients.

The third edition was broadcasted yesterday, as always, it was divided in three phases. The first challenge was made in MasterChef´s kitchen. A second one was done outdoors during Alejandro Sanz´s test concert, where he tried a vegan menu. One last challenge in which Marina San Jose went to the elimination lounge, here she highlighted how hard but gratifying was the experience… followed by the hanging of her apron.

Usun Yoon, Carlos Baute and Marina abandoned MasterChef Celebrity to take on their careers, leaving a high mark for whoever follows.

The winner will receive 75.000 euros that will be destined to a NGO and a kitchen course thought by the prestigious faculty of gastronomic science, Basque Culinary Centre.

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