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MasterChef Celebrity 2, a beautiful project we associated to.


The more the 3.5 million spectators (28,2% total) from the final of MasterChef Celebrity.  In their first season, they wanted even more. Now with the fifth edition of the culinary talent show, TVE announced previously that the preparations have started  for MasterChef Celebrity 2!

This is the production by Shine Iberia; they are already immersed in the recordings of the second season!

Ulía Loureiro Ishi-Kawa, Artistic director, has designed and directed the construction of the contestant room, making a rigorous selection of our vintage  furniture catalogue. An interesting decoration project in which we are still associated. Eager for the results, but we will have to wait till autumn.

Francisco Segarra´s vintage aesthetic, again in our screen.

Ulía´s work, in front of the artistic direction, since the beginning of this program, she designs and directs the construction of the main decoration including clocks, kitchens, etc…

¨I establish an aesthetic line, for the supermarket and also for the presentation of the food in different contests, but following the marked format¨.

Each edition requires new designs, new spaces, like the restaurant and the contestant´s room or the different scenographies for the kids. ¨I make it a reality together with my amazing team in which day by day I also prepare the bodega food, etc…¨

To be the most expected culinary show, takes a lot of exigency. Also for the contestants, despite the condition of the celebrities.

Known faces like Bibiana Fernández, Pepón Nieto, Marina San José, Anabel Alonso and Patricia Montero. Comedians, Silvia Abril, Edu Soto and José Corbacho, Medels Juan Bethancourt. The host Usun Yoon. The triple Olympic medal winner and National Police Saúl Craviotto and the singer and composer Carlo Baute. They have to face the try-outs of the show and the valuations of the judges composed by Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz.

Eva González will be the person responsible to host the show and to admit the celebrities contestants.

Like in every edition, the interior decoration of the set is kept secret, the new velvet pieces, in harmony with the cachet of the VIP contestants, revealing without a doubt, the elegance and the sophistication that will surprise us again this autumn.

Francisco Segarra collaboration in television.


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