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Masterchef Celbrity 2. Showbusiness, competition & cooking, record breaking final.


MasterChef Celebrity 2 has reached its end, after a great show with more than 3, 4 million spectators, we were eager to know the name of the winner. A great finale that pulled us into the passionate world of cooking, and it also offered us moments of pure emotion. The end of a great adventure.

Francisco Segarra’s collaboration as witness of yet another Saúl Craviotto’s accomplishment in the MasterChef’s kitchen.

Dream dishes in a great decoration, a proper ambience for great accomplishments. A set that gathers talents from two related worlds. Gastronomy and decoration.

A famous restaurant, witness of a great finale.  Francisco Segarra´s distinguished furniture. The creativity of the artistic director Ulia Loureiro Ishi-Kawa.  A design that hosted the most prestigious contestants. An outstanding interior design, witness of the progression if the contestants after each show.

Saúl Craviotto reaches a new goal, passion, boldness and much work. After passing through the hardest culinary talent show of the world, its creations can pass by as if it was done by a Michellin star chef. From the Olypmic gold medal to the second edition MasterChef Celbrity Spain.

All the ingredients for a final record.

Combine show-business, competition and cooking as the key to success of master chef.

Tv set commercial decoration

  • The most viewed edition.
  • Max share audience of all the previous editions of MasterChef Celebrity.
  • Close to 8 million spectators at some point in the final.
  • Trending Topic in the social networks during all the emission.
  • 26,6% of share audience.

A success for RTVE. The achievement of Shine Iberia. An honour fro Francisco Segarra. The demanding show format, the harshness of the judges, the relevance of the tv network and the professionalism of the producer. To be associated to this project, to match up to the most important cooking reality show of the world, is an honour for our brand. Francisco Segarra´s  style breaks all the tv set decorations stereotypes.

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