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Francisco Segarra comes back to spanish T.V. with MasterChef Celebrity.


MasterChef comes back to Spanish television with its new Celebrity edition, they swept away the rating with 3.270.000 viewers and 21% shared even on a torrent 5 and GH17 in the programing of Sunday night. After four seasons of MasterChef and three of MasterChef junior, The culinary talent produced by Shine Iberia, counted with Francisco Segarra´s collaboration that arrived to channel 1 TVE with Masterchef Celebrity, where the candidates are all well known faces from movies, TV, Sports, music…

Cayetana Gullém cuervo, Fernando Tejero, Maria del Monte, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Loles León, Manuel Diaz ¨El cordobes¨, Virginia Troconis, Fonsi Nieto and Maria ¨Niña Pastori¨ they went face to face in front of the judges made up by Pepe Rodríguez Rey, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz, they put all their wisdom in the hands of the candidates to train and help them find the perfect point in its dishes without lowering the demand level, in the evaluation of the celebrities, the judges will demand effort, character, Respect towards the work of a chef and gastronomy.

MasterChef Celebrity

Luckily, the contestants have the host, Eva Gonzáles, she will be the one in charge to give support and encourage them at all times.

In Its first Show, Chef Pepe Solla (one Michelin Star) help the candidates in the challenge he teach them how to prepare a Lobster dish. Later when they went outside the participants travelled to Chinchón region where they cooked for 100 neighbours.

MasterChef FS

Master chef celebrity & FS

Nerves and competitive spirit, both present on Sunday night, in this first season of the VIP contestants. The primetime will be Tuesday nights, in that case, soon the kitchen burners will be on again !

The television set preserves the work made by ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA from Shine Iberia, in charge of the artistic management of MasterChef 4.  The restaurant area is furnished  using our vintage & Industrial f urniture, Francisco Segarra, a fresh aesthetic in allusion to interior patios, joyful and colourful.

FS & MasterChef collaboration

Masterchef furniture online

Francisco Segarra MasterChef Junior 3

Equally important she is also in charge of the set of MasterChef Junior 3, Ulia was inspired on the materials like jute, wood, looking for a natural space that evokes the innocence and the spontaneity of the kids also the freshness of the products that they use to elaborate.

MasterChef Junior FS collaborations

Masterchef Junior FS

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