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A sensational decoration. Nature and Spring arrives to MasterChef’s Kitchen.


Imagine the most cosy restaurant of televisión … There is no doubt we are in MasterChef, for the third consecutive year with Francisco Segarra’s ceded furniture and its vintage characteristics. It’s the sixth edition of this culinary talent show, aiming it to a healthy kitchen, utilizing a spring fresh decoration.

Freshness, nature and vintage aesthetics in MaterChef 6 restaurant.

In each premiere, the show broadcasted in RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, filling our screens with magic and happiness. Already six of them! More surprising and admirable… Year after year, we follow this marvelous restaurant design.

A restaurant that represents a true breath of fresh air. Spring has arrived to MasterChef’s  kitchen. Alive, natural, colourful… Ulia Loureiro Ishi Kawa, Artistic director of the show, exceeding herself everytime.

Rattan chairs, Bamboo, lamps, aged wood in the table… The nature in its purest state. The exterior invade the interior zone, a colorful space that takes us to a gleam of light in the forest.

Masterchef interior design

Infinite colours and flavours  in a space that boosts healthy cooking.

A sensational decoration, imagination and creativity flowing to prepare the best recipes. Knowing the essence of each ingredient, a second chance to each dish… In harmony with nature transmitted in every plate.

A display of glass jars guarding the condiments… Stacks of porcelain plates, shining marble tables… just like a laboratory, this restaurant becomes in the ideal place to achieve colour and flavor contrast.

Francisco Segarra’s furniture will shine in its most natural features, during the whole MasterChef edition. A new adventure that promises to promote to give relevance to a healthy kitchen.

In our infinite passion for Vintage, we would like to emphasize how proud we feel each time we see our contract furniture in the most famous culinary television show. Master Chef and Francisco Segarra always together!

Contract furniture by Francisco Segarra

Masterchef kitchen by Francisco Segarra

Masterchef furniture online

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