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Master Chef returns with the collaboration of Francisco Segarra.


We have a date! It will be next Sunday, April 16th. The most extreme edition of MasterChef begins, and with it the last collaboration of Francisco Segarra of the most successful talent show in television.

Cooking at 10º below zero, traveling to the middle Ages and experimenting with insects, these are the hallmarks of Master Chef 5. Thirteen weeks and challenges will take the contestants to the limit. Thus promises this edition of the culinary talent produced by Shine Iberia for RTVE.

There are opportunities that can change a life completely. Therefore, the demonstration of talent, passion and evolution, will be vital in every challenge to convince the inflexible jury, composed by Pepe Rodriguez Rey, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz who will greatly value the respect for the product and optimization of foods.

A unique experience of learning, competing and working for the 15 aspirants. A future for which the trophy is raised. He who credits himself as MasterChef 5 winner, will publish his own recipe book and get a cash prize of 100,000 euros.

In addition, the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences Basque Culinary Centre, of San Sebastian, will be in charge of completing the training of the top three ranked. The winner will obtain a Master’s degree in technique and product cooking. The second, a Master’s in pastry and, the third, a Specialization Course.

Eva Gonzalez, will present the program again to which great names of national cuisine and illustrious guests will attend; and will become a protagonist. A new format, promises us a virtual tour of the MasterChef kitchens to show us all the secrets it hides, an experience until today restricted to very few.

Until Sunday, what is protected with utmost secrecy is the stage. The staging, once again by the hand of Ulía Loureiro Ishi-Kawa, responsible for the scenography had us expectant. Aware of Ulia’s great value as a stage professional and the great team that surrounds the public, Francisco Segarra collaborates with MasterChef as he did on MasterChef 4, MasterChef Junior 3 and MasterChef Celebrity.

With the support of furnishings and decoration provided by our firm you can see some previews in the promotional video. A pleasant space, a restaurant with a lot of vegetation and a fresh air, that nobody would say is part of a set; A place of rapprochement between interior design, gastronomy, leisure and entertainment; In an edition, the fifth of all, which promises to be the most international.

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