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UNOUNO interior architecture takes over the renovations of the Churreria Hannover


We commented in many occasions before that an obsolete or aesthetically underdeveloped business is not a viable option today, in occasions a venue only needs a certain change of image to recuperate the validity without big investments, economically and time wise, to become a profitable business. The alternative is restyling of a business a renovation reform or remodelling, exploiting to the maximum the pre-existing elements that give the venue a new life, more if this task was made by professionals with creative capacity.

In the case of the ¨Churreria Hannover¨ (Sweet fritters place) in Verín, Orense. where they sell this typical dish that consist of flour, sugar, salt, water and oil. The mix is extruded by a machine in to the hot oil in a star shape cylinder, the result is called ¨Churro¨. This venue was deigned by UNOUNO interior architecture studio, they did a complete renovation of the space, after a long tradition in Villa Orense, needed a fresh, young and happy breeze.

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 Renovations as a form of client acquisitions and also to build customer loyalty.

With a low cost budget and more importantly, a short deadline, all this has been deselected from the traditional image that people have of these places, like small and dark with a simple marble top.

The only thing left is the 48m2 of space, because from a dull image we went to a jovial decoration where we breathe energy so much needed when doing the business task. The elaboration , commercialization of the so denominated ¨Frying pan fruits¨ typically not only in Spain, but also in Portugal, France and Latin America. Known like Churros and Porras elaborated in an artisan manner making delicious products to their loyal customer, accompanied with a hot drink in the first hours of the day.

This was a requirement of the property and a precondition of the renovation. The creation of a cosy place from open to close.

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Furniture is key in the consolidation of the aesthetics of a business.

¨With this program of necessities we decided to cover the walls and the bar with vinyl paper with eye catching retro colours, we also opted to place over the existing pavement, gres porcelain floor that imitates used and decoloured wood that mixed with the FS furniture and the industrial contract illumination that intensify the visual attractiveness of the place.

Francisco Segarra´s furniture was combined to perfection giving a retro touch to the place.

The Doris chairs were selected by a good combination of aged brown leather and the wood, also the same with the Mendel Stool, in the other hand, the transgressor blue of the Petrona chair that contributes to the liveliness decoration of this renovation ¨

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Th mural decoration reminds us of the wonderful 50´s with a touch of ¨American Style¨, its attractive, the bar is eye-catching, covered with vinyl adhesive paper with brick design. without a doubt a great option in saving capital.Commercial furniture FS furniture

When renovations are made by professionals with creative capacity, success is guarateed.

Cristina and Guillermo constitute the team of UNOUNO. Both specialist in interior design and specialized in the design of spaces, architecture and image, they have made interior design projects in all type of commercial business, hospitality sector and homes. With its knowledge and experience like a mean to develop business unique and personalized business concepts.

Other FS projects already known by our readers is the new construction design projects taken place in the Agora bakery, A space where the life goes around the bar, made of cement with square shape and showered with light from the modernist windows of the original facade of the building.

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