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Francisco Segarra can transforms its showroom in a true idea’s centre, an exhibition for future businesses. Come and visit our 3.000m2 showroom! The most beautiful and admirable side of Francisco Segarra, is its own madness. Because the craziest ideas, are the work of a genius.

Stronger and further every time… without limits, our passion for vintage expands and is welcomed in Chile, to present our brand and be part of a new alliance in the world of interior design.
Francisco Segarra joins Area Design and WØLF

Francisco Segarra vintage aesthetics furniture. International trail running centre and its vintage style furniture stage. Before the race starts, the Penyagolosa trail HG team, organized a press conference in the renowned Raval theater, hosting the best runners. For this they trusted in Francisco Segarra vintage aesthetics furniture.

Playing with appearances. Briati, Omeya, Rialto, Seattle… Cement, terrazzo, marble, granite, wood… These floors are not what it seems! New porcelain tiles, designed by Francisco Segarra in exclusive for Peronda Group, with endless material and aesthetic options for commercial spaces. Image is everything in a…

Retail interior design. Art, differentiation and profits for your shop. Our new Francisco Segarra’s furniture collection for retail has arrived, we understand character and style with exclusive retail decor Francisco Segarra furnishes your shop with personality and strength.

Francisco Segarra’s furniture will shine in its most natural features, during the whole MasterChef Freshness, nature and vintage aesthetics in MaterChef 6 restaurant.

ommercial outdoor furniture as colourful low bar stools, elegant chairs, curved sofas… Seats that oxygenate commercial business. Probably the best time of the year to give a twist to commercial interior design

The famous tailor shop set, furnished with Francisco Segarra’s sewing furniture, 2.150.000 spectators and the most creative space of television. As the key to success to a memorable final.

Nº5, a venue witness of great talents. The union between Francisco Segarra’s outstanding design and the great music Ruth Baker makes. Majestic and captivating… Nº 5 is a space that more than offering excellent gastronomic offers, full of talent and culture.

A sewing workshop, a residential home, a restaurant… discover the new decoration on television sets. In the set, our furniture shows it’s most beautiful features, next to the participants. A unique decoration, as a contribution to bring the most magical side of the T.V show.

Great spaces to make great masterpieces, pieces with soul and history from Francisco Segarra’s collection, ceded for an outstanding tv show and decoration as a true sewing shop. A prodigious collaboration that extols television projects.

Maestros de la costura.

Film set furniture to be used as staging furniture of television shows, series, movies. Stage props with a vintage or industrial aesthetics by Francisco Segarra. In this new collaboration of the tv show “Maestros de la costura”.

Peronda tiles & Francisco Segarra. Two great firms, never one without the other, in Cevisama 2018. The new collection FS by Peronda, signed by Francisco Segarra, arrives with a stand that stands The best place to discover pieces that reinvent materials, new possibilities for commercial spaces interior design.

MasterChef junior 5 closes its kitchen with a record audience. A success for the casting of MasterChef 6 as the latest news. Also Francisco Segarra endures its collaboration with Shine Iberia.

MasterChef 6

Creative, brave and bold, two distinguishing marks, two referents, two firms with similar criteria. One collaboration, one common denominator. One culture, one philosophy that we feel as ours in Francisco Segarra. Always ready to go one step further to carry out the impossible.

Francisco segarra & Bunker

The decorative arts arrives to the city of lights. French elegance on its pure state. Paris Deco Off and MAISON&OBJET 2018. Two cultural events for decoration fans and the art of living.


An exhibition, a market, a pop up… CELEBRA by trendy family, the charm of all ephemeral and unrepeatable. A singular showroom, a display of ideas and trends, the contact with the local business through the discovery of singular products and services.

Los sueños de Nona.

MasterChef Celebrity 2 has reached its end, after a great show with more than 3, 4 million spectators, A success for RTVE. The achievement of Shine Iberia. An honour fro Francisco Segarra. dream dishes in a great decoration, with a proper ambience for great accomplishments.

MasterChef Celebrity 2

SOLOVELY Markets. Leisure and creativity moments. An event that promotes the local commerce and counts with the collaboration of our vintage furnishing and decoration brand, Francisco Segarra.

So Lovely, London House.

We challenge you to reformulate the waiting room concept, to surprise and fall for on the first impression. To pursue excellence trough a bold and original interior design.
You dare?

Waiting room furnishings.

LA VOZ. The most famous singing contest of Spanish television, once again it awakens passion every Friday. The battles come in stronger than ever and for the first time it counts with the collaboration of our vintage furniture brand, Francisco Segarra, for the design of the rehearsal room.


Boda plan is a consolidated event about nuptial weddings that seduces couples looking for a unique and different wedding, an opportunity to see all the furniture pieces ceded by Francisco Segarra for a wonderful event by UN DIA ENTRE VIÑAS.

Francisco Segarra echoes business ideas. Coworking, a style of work integrated in a shared environment. The furniture integrates to the space with audacity, providing a pleasant experience to workers with cohesive community values, the best mean to help reach the main objectives.

Coworking interior design

In Francisco Segarra we truly believe in the power of interior design and in spaces that breaks with a rigid aesthetic to sum up to the latest hospitality trends, that is why we work hard to propose a complete and varied catalogue.

Natural interior design

Personality, identity and character; definitely authentic. Its what makes a memorable experience in the hospitality sector. Discover how to create an outstanding space with original chairs, armchairs… even sofas.

Original seats for interior design.

To be able turn an office into a cosy place is fundamental to increase the functionality of the workers. The power of interior design. To go inside Francisco Segarra´s office is to feel the essence of a parallel universe. A creative surrounding.

FS Office

One more year in this setting. Peronda Group presented their latest ceramic proposals, among them the new FS by Peronda series, designed exclusively by Francisco Segarra.

Cersaie 2017

From the golden era of Hollywood in their last edition to the Cabaret theme. Garment, roses, big curtains… Opulence, elegance and Sophistication. This is the new MasterChef Celebrity´s contestant lounge.

MasteChef Celebrity 2

Paris embraces us in one of the most influential design fairs in the world. Maison & Objet. Francisco Segarra´s dissimilar proposal took the spotlight with his new project, focused in residential interior design.

Maison & Objet 2017

The 8th edition of Valencia Disseny week (#VDW2017) took place, Francisco Segarra wanted to collaborate trough the lending of furnishings to decorate the surroundings that hosted the speakers.

Valencia Disseny week 2017

Paris the city of light, the fashion capital, a melting pot of trends, hosts this great Fair. Maison & Objet. The best showcase to exhibit the extraordinary visionary ideas. Visit us at Hall 1 Eclectic Stand E54 Porte B.8. A.

Maison & Objet.

The breeze of the ocean, the sun and the Mediterranean light. Francisco Segarra´s aesthetic is always in favour of a distinctive shopping experience. This is how the summer version of So Lovely was. So Lovely Mediterranean.

So Lovely 2017

Sponsored by our furniture and decoration firm Francisco Segarra ceded furniture for the event, promoting the new shopping experience in ephemeral commercial spaces to make it unique.

So Lovely

Francisco Segarra leads the contract furniture sector thanks to the trust of renowned professionals around the world, involved in bringing the vintage & industrial aesthetics to any business anywhere. If you want more broadcast for your next or last project dont hesitate to contact us.

The interior design, the trends to which the sector will surrender each season. The main news, collaborations and catalog novelties of a prolific brand. Follow us in Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin.

Francisco Segarra Social networks.

Francisco Segarra returns to Kiev, expectant of the good reception, after his participation as a spokesperson in the ¨Architecture Dialogue 2017¨ event sponsored by Peronda Group and Agromat; its capital city distributor, it´s also the biggest city in Ukraine.

Kiev, 2017

Is important to bet for the traditional commerce concept and to contemplate online sales as an opportunity to trace the expansion of our brand, this has taken us to lead the vintage furniture contract sector.

Registry for discounted professional rates!

For Francisco Segarra a privilege to participate in this restaurant project, a new opportunity to serve and collaborate. To lend our aesthetic is our recognition to the work developed for other professionals part of the success.


A trajectory that could not go unnoticed, as fruit of Francisco Segarra´s work… a publication of 400 pages book consecrated in one of the best projects that exemplify the spirit of the brand with a recompilation of the best pieces of his catalogue.

New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage by FS

To catch the consumer attention requires a venue with an attractive aesthetic. This is why business in general is being obligated to be in tune with the trends and the taste of the market being targeted

Antique Objects. A mark to boost a business.

Ulía Loureiro Ishi-Kawa, Artistic director, has designed and directed the construction of the contestant room, making a rigorous selection of out furniture catalogue. An interesting project in which we are still associated. Eager for the results, but we will have to wait till autumn.

MasterChef Celbrity2

The style, unique pieces, the character and the history that each one takes with them. The soul that is being transmitted by them, that warmth is something more that highlights our decoration.

Telva Novias 2017.

Francisco Segarra´s collaborated by lending pieces from the furniture and accessories catalogue, ideal for restaurant interior design and part of the decoration. ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA, Master Chef’s Artistic director over the last years, she got deeply involved in the design of the set.

MasterChef 5

We have a date! It will be next Sunday, April 16th. The most extreme edition of MasterChef begins, and with it the last collaboration of Francisco Segarra of the most successful talent show in television.


The latest ceramic innovations, we have the new pieces designed by Francisco Segarra exclusively for the FS by Peronda collection.

Commercial tiles in Cevisama 2017.

Those events that promote the cultural patrimony of the city of Castellón. always count with the collaboration of Francisco Segarra. The historic building halls of the Real Casino Antiguo of Castellón hosted the event.

Business decoration, Love Story 2017.

The arrival of the New Year brings time to reflect. A date that marks a beginning and an end, we close a cycle and we leave behind twelve months that left a print in every level, This is the ideal moment to embark on new objectives.

Start up business ideas for 2017

After participating in many occasions as an exhibitor, Francisco Segarra attended this year as a visitor, passionate about the decoration and furniture world.

Maison&Objet 2017

Transform a venue without personality or with an out of date appearance into a profitable business, the creation or update reform of a business, takes multiple phases, more important is the space.

Before & After…

We close the year with a positive balance in synergy and collaborations, not without mentioning the last joint action of 2016 between Francisco Segarra and So lovely pop up.

So lovely pop up Christmas

To be able to collaborate with projects that promote culture and art, have been a fundamental part of the leitmotiv of Francisco Segarra, using the outstanding Nº5 restaurant interior design.

Conducta Impropia

We have reached the final lap of the year and to close 2016, the majority of television companies make modifications on their planning. Some series and TV shows marked this fall schedule and it reached the end.

Francisco Segarra´s props for Tv and movies.

Companies related with all the necessary for wedding planning and reception ceremonies and events, suits, wedding dresses, restaurants, photography and videos, accessories and details, animations, shows, trips, wedding planners…

Tu Boda / Flamingo

One more year, Francisco Segarra participates in the fair Equip´Hotel, scene for the Horeca sector in Paris. Firm leader in contract furniture, many people visited Francisco Segarra´s stand. Followers of the firm.

Fs in Equip´Hotel 2016

Francisco Segarra gives veracity required in these ephemeral spaces in the world of television and films needed to take good terms of the scenography work. glamorous pieces from our vintage furniture catalogue the means to represent the most important decade of Hollywood.

MasterChef Celebrity

Firms like Francisco Segarra supports and gets involved in the search and revalorization of these pieces so demanded these days. There are numerous antique markets specialized in different sectors, located in different countries, frequented by collectors.

FS sustainable philosophy

The culinary talent produced by Shine Iberia, counted with Francisco Segarra´s collaboration that arrived to channel 1 TVE with Masterchef Celebrity, where the candidates are all well known faces from movies, TV, Sports, music…

MasterChef Celebrity

Our furnishing and decoration firm is on the final preparations for the important date along with professionals of the Horeca sector . From the 6th to the 10th of November, is estimated that 111,000 hospitality professionals.

FS in Horeca 2016

Further than this, both firms agree in the importance of being present in the professional fairs of each sector, and in the most appropriate way. Due to the ephemeral projects of the stands wich are the showcase of the brand.

Cersaie 2016 FS & Peronda

Francisco Segarra attends to Cersaie, hand to hand with the well-known Spanish firm Peronda Ceramics that in each edition, surprises the prestigious international congress with two new spaces and a Leitmotiv that revolves around the Japanese culture.

FS & Peronda in Cersaie 2016

Second participation for Francisco Segarra, founder of the company of vintage & industrial furniture which has his name. To be placed among the finalist of the long awaited Restaurant & Bar design award.

Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2016

From the 2nd to the 6th of September 2016, all professionals of decoration and design gathered in Maison&Object, international fair that takes place every year in the exposition center in Villepinte North of Paris.

Maison&Object 2016

An international event organized and designed by LZF´s co-founder Marivi Calvo along with Rocio Pastor and the collaboration of Francisco Segarra, this event unites in one night stylist, props specialists, costume designers, bloggers and journalists.


To understand the design in commercial venues, like a form to emphasize the relevance of the brand and peruse a differentiator to unmark from the rest, The daring interior commercial designers, entrepreneurs are conscious of the needs of the actual market.

interior design commercial spaces

This is his second participation on the tenth edition for this famous celebration, Francisco Segarra went with Andrés Marín, Financial Director of our firm of vintage furniture, he reached a deserved forty second place against 500 participants.

Brompton World Championship 2016

Pablo Benet López author of Miss Gafas, made a photoshoot in the Francisco Segarra´s firm showroom, for the presentation of the new collection of vintage glasses. Miss gafas offer a broad selection of brands, designs, colours, materials and countries of manufacturing.

Miss Gafas


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