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Office interior design as a key factor to increase productivity.


The office. A space where we spend more than a third of our daily hours. Definitely, our second home. To be able turn an office into a cosy place is fundamental to increase the functionality of the workers. The power of interior design. A cared decoration that influences directly in the daily performance of a company.

Creativity calls creativity

Ofiice interior design with art and creativity. Running from all traditional. To be able to encourage the imagination stimulating the intellectual power. The decoration of a working space along with the proper ergonomics can have a positive reach over all. Starting from the clients to the providers. A potential value that unifies the collective well-being of employees.

More than a simple space were to fulfil daily obligations; offices are the reflection of a brand, the corporate seal of each company by excellence. The decoration promotes their images and values in an elegant and smooth way.

A well though illumination, walls dressed with wallpapers and pictures, to include designer furniture… to find the visual stimulus necessary to turn an office in a melting pot where ideas are born and materialize.

To create or reinvent a working space and give style to it, requires original furniture and ingenious ideas. We have unique furniture for creative offices. Makes us part of your next project!

Francisco Segarra has an excellent reputation and his endless creativity is already known by others. Behind our success, there is an unusual command centre.

Francisco Segarra´s office. Home of imagination.

To go inside Francisco Segarra´s office is to feel the essence of a parallel universe. A creative surrounding. An intense interior design project.

Full of visual stimulus, the surrounding wraps us up instantly. We sense every detail and perceive art in every corner. The design is outlined and creation burst among the working area. This place is presented as a factory of illusions. Furniture, lamps and accessories full of life.

An innovative design that turns an office into a scenography. An exposition for a unique furniture catalogue.  To reinvent a working space and adapt with a style requires specific furniture for the design of creative offices.

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