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Omeya. Marrakech. Norwich. The new vintage flooring series by Francisco Segarra.


The international Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and bathroom furnishings, keeps on the raise, being consolidated as a worldwide referent. Cersaie 2017 has reached a record number of 111.604 visitors.

More than just a commercial approach, the Bologna fair dignifies the use of ceramics,  generating a high level of business by giving notice to those professionals in the ceramic, architecture and design sector, now turned into the biggest ceramic showcase, also serves as a booster to the Tile of Spain brand, representing the Spanish tile on the international market.

One more year in this setting. Peronda Group presented their latest ceramic proposals, among them the new FS by Peronda series, designed exclusively by Francisco Segarra. A set of different proposals using the latest technological advancements in ceramics. Designs that recuperates and reinterprets ceramic elements with characteristics of past decades and different cultural traits.

Omeya. Marrakech. Norwich

A manorial alabaster under our feet. FS OMEYA. A vision of marble ¨macael¨ and ¨marquina¨ from an early XX century, ceramics with an original wear as an added aesthetic value. Majestic stoneware that treasures culture, history and tradition. A product in primitive format that enables the install just like it was done originally… making tile carpets, check boards and geometric shapes…

FS MARRAKECH. It feels like walking through the Arab culture. A tile inspired in the iconic city of Morocco. Pigments of the sea and the desert. Moroccan tiles as the only reference to salvage the traditional spirit of this imperial city in a new aesthetic proposal with boho-chic trends.

Exploring a social movement. FS NORWICH. The industrial city that inspires the cemented look in a porcelain showcase that doesn’t look to redeem material or graphics from the past, but to create new ones. A distinctive piece from the collection FS by Peronda. Metallic tones, a rough attractiveness, a fractured floor, the reflections of an industrial revolution.

Peronda. Inspiring tiles.

There are many values that have positioned this company with more than 190 years in business as an international benchmark, in the actual ceramic sector.

Quality, research, in the forefront of ceramic trends, and environmental friendly.

Leading the use of the latest technologies in the ceramic field… as a result a product with great resistance and high resolution.

Peronda Fashion Lab, as its home of ideas, promoting new synergic concepts in collaborations, with multidisciplinary authors, unifying company and artist. The link between Peronda Ceramics and Francisco Segarra. The second one named, contributed the vision of the product that are materialized in one tile collection. Technical skill and science, reviving historic materials.

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