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Original wood vintage office desk

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Original vintage office desk made of wood with drawers, this is recommended for an original interior project with a nostalgic charm design of an office, hotel reception. we offer a broad catalogue of antique office desk,vintage office furniture.

Vintage office desk 47,24×22,83xh29,52in 120x58xh75cm Reference 09601347

antique office desk fs furniture

Vintage office desk 40,94×19,68xh29,13in 104x50xh74cm Reference 09601261 SOLD OUT

antique office desk

Vintage office desk 35,43×17,71xh29,92in 90x45xh76cm Reference 09601391

recuperated office desk fs furniture

Antique office desk 40,94×19,68xh28,742in 104x50xh73cm Reference 09601392

old office desk for interior decoration

Antique office desk 69,29×27,95xh33,46in 176x71xh85cm Reference 11901351

vintage office furniture fs furniture

Antique office desk 77,95×21,25xh33,46in 198x54xh85cm Reference 11901374 

office furniture francisco segarra

Antique office desk 107,87×25,98xh30,70in 274x66xh78cm Reference 11901372  SOLD OUT

retro office desk francisco segarra



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