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Culture and Tradition depicted in interesting patchwork tiles. Mercato.


To step in a market is to go in a hotbed of culture and tradition. It is to access in a world of varieties and shades. It takes the pulse of the city and its people. To step in a market in Italy is to step in Mediterranean floors.

The city of golden domes, Kiev. Paying tribute to an architecture, ornamented with Francisco Segarra´s ceramics designs.

Tiles designs that inspires.

Located in the sixth floor of Guilliver Shopping center, Mercato is recuperating the essence of Markets and supply stores, offering prime materials; as the grounds of a kitchen that doesn’t need ornaments. Natural, homemade, without artificial.

To step in this restaurant is to go in a Market, a premise, an intention, a reality. Here everything is to be eaten or to takeout. A pizzeria, charcuterie, bakery, wine shop… Different gastronomic stands, all under a clear reference of industrial style design. It could not be another way. A ferrous structure over beautiful patchwork tiles.

Patchwork tiles under our feet, with the identity of the tile collection that recuperates tradition and imposed aesthetic from the past. Geometric and organic forms; attractive and sinuous. Francisco Segarra´s collection FS by Peronda, recuperates and recreates designs, traditional shapes and colours, a signature of an era. Vintage flooring collection that fascinates, now also in Ukraine were the Spanish tile industry is very respected. There’s a positive perception of the Spanish product, considered as a distinctive sign in countries of eastern Europe, for its quality, innovation and design.

The best ceramic of the world at your feet.

Agromat is an Icon, highly recognized leader in the ceramic sector of Ukraine. Synonym of fidelity, Peronda´s group partner and main distributor of the FS by Peronda tile collection, commercializing the best ceramic in the world. Professional flooring with a long service life and delicate aesthetics.

The pavement flooring is determinant for the use in public spaces that follow a concrete aesthetic. Mercado as an exemplary work when I comes to selection of colours and materials; The combinations with one another, and the inventive composite, because there is always an alternative, a smart manoeuvre to give charm to those commercial spaces.

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