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Pendant industrial lamp Agnes

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Pendant industrial lamp  made of wood and metal with a hook and a protective mesh around the bulb.

Professional lighting inspired in a workshop with  an industrial style. Make your next interior design project with this ceiling light, pendant lamp, industrial pendant lighting.

Socket E27, 25w 220-240v

Industrial pendant lighting Ø51,11xh14,9/39,3in, Ø13xh38/100cm Socket E27, 25w 220-240v Reference 08101199

workshop style pendant professional lighting round

Industrial pendant lighting Ø3,93xh12,59/35,43in, Ø10xh32/90cm Reference 08101200



workshop style pendant lighting conic cage

Industrial pendant lighting Ø3,93xh15,74/41,33in, Ø10xh40/105cm Reference 08101201

workshop style pendant lighting cage

Industrial pendant lighting for commercial use. Ø5,90xh12,20/39,37in, Ø15xh31/100cm Reference 08101202

workshop style pendant lighting pear

Industrial pendant lighting shop Agnes industrial aesthetics, wood and metal mesh. Ø4,72×20,07/59,05in Ø12xh51/150cm Reference 11801265

Industrial pendant lighting online

Industrial pendant lighting Agnes shop style pendant lighting. Ø9,84xh20,47/59,05in Ø25xh52/150cm Reference 11801266

Commercial pendant lighting contract

Shop lighting Ø25xh52/150cm Ø9,84xh20,47/59,05in Ø25xh52/150cm  Reference 11801267

Commercial industrial lighting online



Vintage shop lights Ø7,08×18,89xh39,37inØ18xh48/100cm Reference 11801290

Vintage shop lights Ø9,84xh20,47/59,05in Ø25xh52/150cm Reference 11801291

Shop pendant lighting Ø9,84xh20,47/59,05in Ø25xh52/150cm Reference 08101292 

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