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Each time, more creative tiles designs, FS by Peronda’s vision.


Peronda tiles & Francisco Segarra. Two great firms, never one without the other. Involved in a great common project, presenting their latest Spanish ceramics designs. The new collection FS by Peronda, signed by Francisco Segarra, arrives with a stand that stands out for its singularity and originality.

Filled with expectant illusions, designs eager to see the light and materialized ideas, Cevisama keeps on growing. Qualified as the best edition in the last decade, the international ceramic fair and bathroom furnishings Cevisama 2018 opens its doors from the 5th to the 9th of February in Valencia.

Peronda and Francisco Segarra grow with the ceramic industry.

With the objective to get nurtured with external inspiration, the prestigious ceramics company, went on a hunt for new talents. This is how in 2013, the paths between Peronda and Francisco Segarra crossed their paths. Since then, never without the other.

“Artist needs company, company needs artist”. PERONDA FASHION LAB, an ideas and trends laboratory; the origin of new collections for Peronda Group.

Embracing our style, Peronda trusts and believes in our product vision; being an incentive and a boost for our brand. And in their greatest moments, there is always space for Francisco Segarra.

The tile group arrives to Cevisama with new ceramic collections, showing their creativity without limits, encouraging innovation and passion for detail. Surprising the visitor with the complete renovation of the exhibition space with scoops of the new products of the different brands they produce. A real observatory of ceramic trends, where Francisco Segarra counts with an exclusive space.

The stand FS by Peronda. Everytime more imposing and relevant.

A space that hosts the most recent design proposals in pavements and ceramic cladding with vintage style. A stand that once again shows unique designs, devised and completed by Francisco Segarra. Unpublished concepts adds to the Peronda FS collection.

A place in where we can sense Peronda’s universe and feel Francisco Segarra’s magic. Talent, imagination, inspiration… all fits in this corner owned by creativity. One library… An unexpected world, made of stories and memories. Walls with words, walls with pages, walls with masterpieces.

A nod to culture and knowledge, to the mind and nature. The best place to discover pieces that reinvent materials, new possibilities for commercial spaces interior design.

Location: Level 2. Pav 1. Stand B70.

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