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Sumer season´s business. So lovely Mediterranean. A different pop up shop.


Completely immerse in summer, the XVI edition of So Lovely pop up arrives to the Mediterranean coast, once again sponsored by our furniture and decoration firm.

Successfull pop up shops

Hooked on the summer season, with new activities, most brands bet on new business models. The fashion sand hospitality sector, sees pop up business as an ally in summer season.

A new way to attract consumers.   Arrive- Setup-surprise-dismantle.

The charm of transient commercial spaces

Ana Berganza y Raquel Nadal as So Lovely´s Visage, a registered trademark dedicated to design, management and commercialization of pop up shops. Both dominating the art of transforming spaces, in creating leisure environments for consumers, a place to unite all trends.

Twin souls, with a common purpose. To encourage diverse, atypical spaces where leisure and shopping experience become one. Encouraging Designers, artist, and small business, that in majority of cases it only has visibility online. So lovely and Francisco Segarra promote the new shopping experience in ephemeral commercial spaces.

So Lovely Mediterranean. A different Pop up shop.

Bodegas Carmelitano, once again opens their door, letting the essence of the sea come in,  for the first time , five unforgettable days. From the 20th to the 24th, 100 stands from all over Spain, will attend to this charming market.

¨We want to transport all those that come to visit us in a fresh Mediterranean ambient, where to find all the different styles, always with a cared aesthetic, pampering every detail¨.

The little garden, patio with a tree; also the three zones that the space is divided, with natural fibres, damasked floors and much vegetation that it will please a public interested in leisure, fashion, art, music and trends.

The most spontaneous collection by Francisco Segarra, ceded to furnish this event, Rattan furniture, iron and wood. A scenery with natural and simple element, evoking the artisans and ancestral work. Zones full of that particular charm of a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

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