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The media highlights the new Francisco Segarra´s interior design project.


Nativo is an interior design project with conscience, with the identity of Francisco Segarra. A recent culinary bet that makes his way in the Aragón´s media. Among them El Heraldo, Oida Cocina and Spain Magazine.

A project completely made by our interior design team, leaded by Francisco Segarra. his decoration is cared in every detail, generating a close and gentle atmosphere, where the wood and rattan finds its ideal place. Just like in nature, Nativo is ruled by a gastronomic and aesthetic equilibrium.

Restaurants interior design by Francisco Segarra

A space with much taste.

The current updates in Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel, we find it in El Heraldo. Among its section ¨Con mucho gusto¨, as the gastronomic section, gets us closer to the latest projects, updtaes  about gastronomy in the capital city of Aragon. A project 100% Francisco Segarra.

In their pages Nativo is revealed as a new concept venue that goes back to the roots, to those traditional plates, to what the owners denominate… gastronomy with heritage, with modern kitchen strokes, according to the newspaper. The new work signed by Franciso Segarra, hosts the guests in a traditional surrounding. With a decoration without excess, with no defects, having the equilibrium as an argumenta line.

A decoration with good vibes.

Oido Cocina is the radio show that every week feeds interesting updates about gastronomy, hospitality and alimentary. They were a witness of the opening of Nativo. For the experts in gastronomy

Designing a business full of charm.

Spain Magazine, digital platform specialized in Decoration, fashion & Lifestyle; full of design, interior decoration and gastronomy in the restaurant section. Nacho Viñau Ena, the director confesses that he loves to find new places, full of charm with a cared decoration and a first class gastronomy. Establishments like Nativo. From their menu he highlights the good relation quality/price and the variety of traditional plates. From their asthetic, the abundance of elements made by hand.

Earth, water, air, fire. The elements that rule our terrestrial world, were eveyhting makes part of a natural cicle. The origin of Nativo. The link of the chronicles that test our work for the business group made of Kike Julvez and Carlos Vallejo. A hospitality group that keeps on growing merging Santiago Vallejo as their new partner.

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