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The arrival of the New Year brings time to reflect. A date that marks a beginning and an end, we close a cycle and we leave behind twelve months that left a print in every level, including the professional and personal one. This is the ideal moment to embark on new paths and consider new objectives that will help us to go forward.

For companies, New year brings detailed balances of goals reached so far, also to value the challenges left to address.  In Francisco Segarra we close 2016 with good sensations due to the goals achieved. Conscious of the constant evolution of the sector. We face 2017 with ambitious projects.

We expand the logistic capacity in Francisco Segarra to 30.000m2 of warehouse and 2.000m2 of store and showroom.

Showroom, spaces, Francisco Segarra headquarters online

Francisco Segarra´s passion for the outstanding design has taking him to expand the showroom. His overflowing creativity gave life to 9 spaces trough of which it can show the world what his universe is about. Bars, Restaurants, Boutiques and unusual spaces that turn into the ideal showcase for the exhibition of our pieces, showing the multidisciplinary capacity of the interior design on site.

Each space, with his own character, makes of the visit a unique experience; each person finds their ideal space. To go inside this zone involves travelling through time and starting a path that will wake up the senses. Casa Vicenta (classic neighbourhood bar), La Boutique (Luxurious and distinguished), El Clandestino (old and enigmatic, hiding in a corner) also well design shop windows as we walk down the street, then we see Ofelia( cafeteria with yesterdays flavour), Burchick (chicken restaurant with a rustic character) Japan (space that transport us to the other side of the contine), so many spaces that let loose the imagination and stimulates emotions.

Soon we will unveil the images of scenery created, for the client to see his future business reflected in it.

The Printed artwork of Francisco Segarra.

Since the creation of the firm, Francisco Segarra left his mark in numerous places, his trips were constant, also his presence in the most important fairs of the sector. 6 years in which he evolved creating trends and surprising everyone with his own style. 6 years in which he collaborated with prestigious brands and produced work that delights everyone on sight. An excellent background that Francisco Segarra will unveil to the world publishing his first book. 400 pages dedicated to the best projects, it exemplifies the spirit of the firm in a summary of the best pieces of the catalogue.

A bundle of paper that draws the surprising journey of a man that gets involved in heart and soul, so much professional experience brought the attention of By Architect Publications, experts in the production and publishings of architectural & design books.

Consolidated as an editorial packager that includes architectural and decoration content, due to the technical information of this book. It fusions the search of trends and the high quality results that gives prestige to this compendium.  It will be published in more than 80 countries and it can be found in the best book stores.

Published book Francisco Segarra interior design

New collection of paving and facing tiles on the forefront of trends, with new designs for high standing businesses.

There are many links of union between Francisco Segarra and Peronda Group, two firms that knew how to fusion their abilities in two active sectors always on the forefront of ceramic and furniture. An outstanding design with an innovative digital decoration that allows a perfect product for commercial interior design projects, the complicity of the brands have motivated to extend the collection of floor and facing tiles in many occasions.

The same way, the acceptance of the product in the market, pushes us to keep in the same line, soon a new collection will be incorporated by to the FS by Peronda collection, five new pieces of floor and wall tiles. Two of them are inspired in the peculiar aesthetics of Miguel Nolla Bruget, fonunder of the Mosaic factories Nolla located in Valencia.

Images of already commercialized pieces from Francisco Segarra´s tile collection.

Tiles collection Fs online

Francisco Segarra´s presence in Cevisama 2017 hand to hand with Peronda.

Both firms are conscious of the needs and how important it is to be present in fairs. Cevisama, as an international gathering for the international ceramics sector, will be held from the 20th to the 24th of February in Valencia. Every year this event is dedicated to the best professionals, they organize numerous conferences, contest and expositions to enrich the knowledge of the visitors.

One more year Peronda Group.will attend to this prestigious event, presenting a new stand, designed by Francisco Segarra to cause a visual impact. Because the ephemeral interior projects are the showcase of the brand and a new opportunity to captivate the visitor that sees the presentation of the new collection of both firms.

Ambitious objectives for this year, which it will keeps us working in the same line, convinced that we are in the beginning of a passionate year.

Images of the stand designed by Francisco Segarra exclusively for Peronda Group on the last edition of Cevisama, turned into an authentic business centre.



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