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If you are addicted to interior design and technology, your thing is to decorate with one click. If you are of the one that gets delighted with textures… your thing is to decorate on-site. However it is, if you are an enthusiast of design and dedicated to it professionally, we want to make your work a little easier, by giving you access to exclusive rates and products.

Professional rates registry

Virtual Shop. Physical Shop.

Around the end of the 90´s, e-commerce started being popularized; electronic commerce has experiment an exponential growth and has modified the consumer´s behaviour.

Online shopping means, a new channel to buy and sell service products. Without a doubt the rules of the game have changed and the debate still on the table. Online Vs. Offline shopping.

With no waiting lines, schedules to adapt… online shops seduce many, the consumer has control and liberty of buying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week practically from anywhere in the world, having on hand competitive prices and the latest national and international trendy products without moving from your screen.

The close and personalized treatment is the main argument from those that defend traditional shopping.

Technology, clothing, travel, make up the first positions of online shopping in the UK, followed by the habitat sector that makes up the sixth place, according to the national commission of market and competition. (CNMC)

In the United Kingdom more than 77% have done a purchase online, 58% buys from overseas stores, 30% use a mobile device.  According to a market search report by Ibis World UK, online furnishings sales made more than 2 billion last year. The official rates confirm that the e-commerce is on a rise every year.

Never the less there has to be an explanation for the different types of online shops existent. For instance companies with a physical shop and those that only have a website.

Decorate with a click.

For Francisco Segarra is important to bet for the traditional commerce concept and to contemplate online sales as an opportunity to trace the expansion of our brand, this has taken us to lead the vintage furniture contract sector as a shop specialized in decoration and furnishings with national and international presence.

The virtual version of our local business has been focused specially to yield the experience of the professional shopper. Companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs now have the possibility to complete a registry for professionals only to be able to gain access to discounted rates.

Competitive prices without intermediaries.

If you work in architecture, interior design, hospitality, commercial shops or you make residential projects, you can benefit from our discounts.

The registry speeds up the process of online shopping for frequent buyers; it also keeps them informed about future discounts and offers.

Entrenched in the communication, always having in mind the plurality of our clients, we put in your reach, one website with three platforms, Spanish, French and English.

Decorate On-site.

If you think that an image doesn’t catch the essence of the material you are looking for, we have different meeting points throughout Spain for you.

Our offices located in Castellon, Spain, hosts more than 10.000 sqm2 of exposition. This is the true home of creativity, we open our doors to our facilities so you can discover every piece of our catalogue, letting your imagination lose. We offer you a journey through the most ephemeral spaces designed by Francisco Segarra. Bars, Restaurants, Boutiques.  Unusual spaces to help find the inspiration to materialize your future project.

Also in the heart of Madrid we have available to you, a small shop that serves as an exhibition area, grouping the best outlet pieces of our furniture and decoration catalogue. Come visit us, so your business can have its own style with incredible prices! Calle General Vara del Rey 11, Madrid Spain.

We love a close treatment… Visit our facilities so you can achieve the perfect decoration that you´ve imagined for your project. Discover environments that unify the vintage nostalgic feel, industrial strength, the elegance, glamour and the attraction for the decadence.

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An exclusive product.

The biggest furniture and decoration catalogue with vintage aesthetics, exclusively commercialized from our physical shop, showroom and online platforms available by Francisco Segarra, with an extensive range of contract furniture. On the service of innovation and creativity. A contribution to a capacity to generate a tool for those inedited outstanding spaces.

We are direct importers with a stock ready to face big projects, we ship worldwide; this is one of our strengths, in front of those only online businesses or those exclusive shopping clubs.

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