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Rattan restaurant chairs Garret.

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Rattan restaurant chairs, it comes with a metal frame with weaved designs. they are sturdy and resistant, ideal for interior design project in the hospitality industry. Sturdy and confortable seats.

Rattan restaurant chairs without armrest 17,71×17,71xh17,71/34,25in 45x45xh45/87cm

White Reference 18001000

Black Reference 18001001

Rattan restaurant chairs with armrest 21,25×21,25xh17,71/32,67in 54x48xh45/83cm

White Reference 18001002

Black Reference 18001003

Rattan furniture was first seen in the 1950´s, and it was distributed by a Danish company. Models were introduced with Scandinavian influences. Handmade pieces of rattan chairs that come from one of the fastest growing plants in Indonesia, they are natural and durable. Unlike bamboo that is hollow, rattan is a solid piece of wood.

Rattan is the material used for the manufacturing of contract furniture pieces, using the fibres and canes from the palm tree called Calamus. With the fastest growing rate per day. Making it an abundant and renewable material.

The manufacture of rattan furniture is considered to be a sustainable process; its production comes from a raw material, it does not require polluting machines or toxic products.

The rattan weaving procedure takes some time, this is a significant part since this process gives the support, strength without any deformation for the user. Rattan wood is bent and placed in position by hand. Its great ductility allows it to be shaped in sinuous shapes that wrap the edges and blends in in harmony with the weaving.

The joints are tightly wrapped with strips of fibres; there are no chemical joints like glue. Depending on the shape of the seat, the manufacture process can be more complicated.

The main characteristics of Rattan furniture, that makes them suitable for the hospitality sector are; Its lightweight that makes it easy to carry around the restaurant or cafeteria. They are incredible durable, making it a good investment that would yield the investment. These rattan restaurant chairs with scandinavian style are an excelent option for rational, clean and sustainable interior design projects.

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