Reclaimed furniture

Buy old furniture online for you interior design project for your business.

Additionally to one of the most extensive online used furniture and industrial fabrication catalogue on sale on our online store. www.Francisco provides a broad range of antiques, used furniture, recycled wood furniture,old era and heritage pieces…. Reclaimed furniture, unique products for unique spaces, where you can buy old furniture online

The Antique disassemble fair organization demands as a requirement for one piece of used furniture to be considered as an antique, a minimum of 40 years, considering more those over 100 years.
Our collection of recuperated pieces come from acquisitions realized by the own general manager of the firm, Francisco Segarra in his trips around the world or direct acquisition from people that let go of the used furniture not being used. Personal belongings with a new value in the world of decoration that fascinate us because of its past.

Heritage pieces and furniture, goods capable of revaluing aesthetically an interior design project full of exclusiveness; a primary object in the interior design and commercial spaces and leisure businesses.

Other pieces come from the dismantling of old factories or local shops, an opportunity to give a new use to old furniture or industrial lamps.
A wide collection of peculiar objects, recycled furniture, that show respect to our past.

Reclaimed furniture