Reinterpreted Furniture

Furniture products made with discarted or unused objects, Artistic exclusive pieces.

Francisco Segarra in addition to manufacture current products, vintage chairs, old tables, industrial stools, armrest chairs, luminaries and buy antique furniture, recuperated furniture. In some cases finished by hand with the whole purpose to obtain irregular or aged looks obtaining a furniture piece with personality.

We count with an extensive collection of antique furniture, vintage furniture, heritage objects… reinterpreted furniture. Unique pieces that rise and brings the beauty to all spaces.

An old radio, and old grinder, an obsolete picture camera, objects with a common objective.. SECOND LIFE.

A Collection where the raw material are old and the antique objects are recycled to return to our daily life with a new function. Rare, attractive objects, with a readymade feel, they are interesting and unique that shape the pieces of our products that incorporate to decoration an adds value. Because the attraction for this old objects grows each day, they fascinate because there past lives and mysterious stories.

Objects with a strong aesthetics value where its old appearance its not disguised but on the contrary it forms part of its charm.

reinterpreted furniture lamp