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Aesthetics of New York lofts of the 50´s Passion that Captivates


The aesthetics of New York lofts passionate and captivate, those enchanting lofts of the 50´s that proliferated in the hoods of Tribeca or Soho and that they will set the bases of what is now called the Industrial style, the inspiration of professionals like Lev Logovsky. The renovation of an old space with bricks in Moscow, says a lot of the creative capacity of this architect.

Classified as an eclectic project, its structural elements, its numerous wooden beams, brick walls apparently originals, metallic structures and air vents and heaters on plain sight, it indicates to put it in the industrial style category and by the old lofts and the factory aesthetics.

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Independently of his decorative style, the space seems enviable. Wood, skins and textiles, create the group in a welcoming and confortable environment. In big part for the election of the furniture that includes the Chester sofa, iconic symbol of indisputable elegance and distinction available in our FScatalogue.

Essential elements like the recuperated materials, old industrial luminaires, pieces of art, pulleys and gears that the architect Lev Lugovskoy knew how to use to compose this outstanding design.

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