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Restaurant ceiling lights Lirio

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Restaurant ceiling lights, ideal for interior design projects, these attractive and elegant lamp are transparent with vivid colours,  aqua, lavender, purple and green. With modern lines and a retro style, these suspension luminaires Lirio give character and personality to any space.

They can be used as individual, but they come grouped, combining forms and colours, more spectacular.


Ceiling luminaires Francisco Segarra

Restaurant ceiling lights with one lightbulb and metallic structure.

Small ceiling lamps Ø10,23xh47,24in Ø26xh120cm

Reference; Purple 10301042 DISCONTINUED /Green 10301043/Aqua 10301044/Lavender 10301045 DISCONTINUED

Medium ceiling lamps Ø14,71xh47,24in Ø36xh120cm

Reference; Purple 10301037/Green 10301036/Aqua 10301035/Lavanda 10301034

Large ceiling lamps Ø18,11xh47,24in Ø46xh120cm

Reference; 10301038/Green 10301039 DISCONTINUED /Aqua 10301040/ DISCONTINUED

Lavender 10301041


Hanging luminaires FS

Ceiling luminaires with three lightbulbs and a metal structure in gold tone.

Hanging lamp with three lightbulb Ø14,71×59,05xh51,18in Ø36x150xh130cm

Reference; Purple 10301030/Green 10301031 DISCONTINUED /Aqua 10301032/Lavender 10301033

Often luminaires reflect the details of the atmosphere and the identity of a space, and between types of illumination, these roof lamps are without a doubt the most attractive visually.

These retro ceiling lamps are manufactured in industrial form, by means of solidification in an oven of the molten glass in a mold, the results are beautiful ceiling lamps with great impact. The perfect alternative to illuminate and decorate commercial spaces.

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