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Burchick, Burger and chicken.


With longing for the past Burchick brings back traditional and delicious flavours. Burchick is presented as a new concept, based on the rural kitchen of Spain.

Restaurant concepts onlineThe Concept.

Some years back, chicken was considered an exquisite delicate plate, served in special occasions. The economic recession of the 60´s and 70´s turned this plate into the traditional Sunday´s family meal.

Great family moments, flavours we remember with nostalgia, in constant search of a calm and healthy life with a little country style to satisfy the growing enthusiasm for the traditional cooking.

Revolving around the speciality of the house, Burchick proposes a high quality and concise menu, giving relevance to the traditional chicken and all the natural products from the farm.

The Space.

Like a warm sunrise in the country, the shed transmits the increasing heat sensation, with  a rugged character like the country people, the surroundings provides materials and textures as part of the roughness appearance, haystacks in the walls, corrugated sheet roof and baked mud tiles in the floor that somehow connects us to mother earth.

Pleasant as the environment of a rural market, Burchick wakes up our senses, the atmosphere is impregnated with primary shades of colours that emanates from the garden produce. A chromatic range where red is the colour that outstands the most; it’s the corporate colour and symbol of ostentation, like the might of the rooster, as the king of the farm that wakes up nature.

The furniture as an extension of the farmer´s tools, simple but necessary instruments to develop daily labours, accessories with rough features, metallic or solids.

Cordial as the talent of the farmers, a rustic restaurant is sensed. An atmosphere for contemplation and conversation. A place to perceive the bucolic life of the countryside. Burchick invites us to the family celebration of a pleasant Sunday at the table, contemplating the fall of the sun.
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The overwhelming creativity of a promoter of a firm that braces a bizarre world, Francisco Segarra and the conscience of the generation of new business concepts based in the quality overall, this is the path to commercial success; consolidated in this great stage, an spectacular exhibitor with many personalities, a dissociative identity, a plural experience, concepts with a revolutionary stage.

Burchick as part of a new restaurant interior design, in the line of creating a business with an original restaurant concept that brings back the traditional dishes like a healthy roasted chicken, inside a rustic restaurant decor with the perfect selection of commercial furniture.

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