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Ideas and decoration trends for restaurants that pays tribute to nature.


Innovation and creativity… In Francisco Segarra, we bring you new sources of inspiration. Restaurant decor ideas to break the established patterns of design…

When something pleasant is about to end, longing takes over. With the arrival of winter, we long for those long summer afternoons to enjoy nature in its purest state. The hospitality sector contributes during the summery season to enjoy fresh air, decorating dream like exteriors. When it´s cold, the new restaurant decor trends battle against the outside climate, giving a breath of fresh air with the concept ¨Exterior inside¨

When nature takes over the interior

Escaping inclemency, going inside a free world with Infinite interior summer. Designed spaces made like an exterior area to fulfil a unanimous need; to connect with the natural origins.

With sustainability on a rise, the new restaurant idea pays tribute to Mother Nature through the use of eco-materials. Furniture with the natural capacity to be integrated in any space, leaving in plain sight the beauty of the natural fibres, the humbleness of wicker, bamboo or rattan.

Ideas for restaurant design by FS

A restaurant interior design with green spirit. Through the doorway of a restaurant decoration we feel the harmony of the nature in balance. The vegetation it´s on its maximum splendour, sprouting from the floor, climbing walls, coming from the ceiling. The power of plants and flowers.

An energy booster, the light fills the spaces, inviting sun rays through big windows or glass doors, stimulating surrounding life. The strength of a natural source.

Restaurant ideas for sustainable businesses

Hospitality spaces respond to the need of the actual consumers with ingenious designs. Hosting an exterior ambience in the interior, quenching our need to return to our most primitive surroundings, supporting the sustainability philosophy.

A restaurant decor that does more than just proposing a Healthy Food concept, differentiated by the decoration, conscious and respectful with the environment. Spaces converted in the green lungs of the city.

La Habanera Restaurant:

All the essence from Cuba in the heart of Madrid. La Habanera. An innovative restaurant design in a patio inspired in the Cuban architecture. Woods, fabrics with vegetable motives, Natural light and excess of vegetation… The exterior and the interior get confused between them in this spectacular space.

Restaurant Vivarium:

An ode to the power of nature Bangkok. Vivarium. A restaurant model of the adaptive transformation capable of preserving the charm of an old warehouse. A bushy floating vegetable cover, where vegetation takes over the control over the structure of the scaffold. A biosphere that show us new methodologies and design solutions for restaurants hand to hand of the Hypothesis, Stu/D/O  Architects. Photographs Pakkawat Paisitthawee. Via

Restaurant Väkst:

The oasis of an urban garden in Copenhague.  A restaurant in an organic live context, designed under the principles of sustainability. Countless plants and pots, attracting nature under the glass of the greenhouse. A fresh interior and authentic design made by the architects Hans Keiding and Rasmus Fex.

In Francisco Segarra we truly believe in the power of interior design and in spaces that breaks with a rigid aesthetic to sum up to the latest hospitality trends, that is why we work hard to propose a complete and varied catalogue, focused on the most recent demands. Bamboo seats, rattan chairs, wicker baskets, jute cushions … A selection of products on the service of the ¨Exterior Inside¨

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