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One project of interior design & decoration. A restaurant to feel like home.


Walking around District 17 of the Parisian Capital, among brassieres and chic bistros, we find a small flirty restaurant called Gabylou.

Sarah Bessade, owner and also the interior designer for the the establishment. Staring from a simple concept based on the fresh seasonal produce in a family environment. To furnish this space Sarah chose our furniture and decoration firm, Francisco Segarra.

The decor is a mouthful of oxygen.

At the corner of a street, Gabylou is a real breath of fresh air! The restaurant is distinguished by its grey facade, created from recovered wood lists. The large windows let us see a clear and luminous space that seduces us and invite us to enter.

A blend of wood, exposed brick, white marble and geometric tiles … a New York style loft. The restaurant has many elements that flirt with the industrial aesthetic style.

On top of the round wooden tables we see cloth napkins and flowers. On the sofas and benches, small coloured cushions. On the walls and shelves, pictures and unusual props … like a country house, the decor is elegant and flourishing.

A restaurant to feel at home.

To sit with friends at the communal table for lunch, or in the small lounge to chat, to browse many books “L’art de vivre” from the shelves, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the bar … What a pleasure to feel at home!

The restaurant offers a cuisine based on creativity and fresh produce. Between traditional recipes and fetish elements, Sarah encourages us and surprises us every day with her one hundred per cent homemade dishes.

At lunch and dinner, Gabylou represents comfort and pleasure, and not forget the frenetic pace of life in Paris.

The ideal furniture for each space.

The furniture of Francisco Segarra has that capacity to amaze, a power of adaptation to all type of surroundings. Furniture and accessories from our catalogue selected by Sarah Bessade, all perfect for this family place.

Wooden tables, metal trolleys, iron shelves, velvet armchairs … furniture that reaffirm its aesthetic and the functional character on the interior decoration project.

An old wall candleholder, colourful cushions, a peculiar lamp … small recovered jewels that come to life thanks to the art of decoration.

It is always a pleasure to be able to contemplate our contract furniture, selected by great professionals to complete outstanding commercial projects. Congratulations to Sarah for recreating such a homey space and finding the perfect spot for our most emotional pieces.


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