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ELLE Agenda. Nº5 Burger Garage. A restaurant design concept by FS.


The touch of ELLE in gastronomy, ELLE Gourmet. A true editorial delicatessen for foodies, amateur cooks, foodhunters, travellers and lovers of a good life. Routes, spaces, gourmet trends to the coolest restaurants. An important date, Nº5 Burger garage, an interior design project 100% Francisco Segarra, providing a twist to hospitality industry.

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ELLE agenda. Date in the Garage. Nº5 Burger Garage, a project by the tireless Francisco Segarra.

A mechanic’s gastrobar? A garage bar? Nº5 Burger Garage has become the first restaurant in Spain, which aesthetics takes us to a real 70’s mechanic shop.

A risky proposal, an innovative concept, a much applauded result.

“To achieve realistic as possible results, we used authentic materials, bought from collectors in Spain, France and India, as well as Derbie, Bultaco Motorcycles, or the Amer signs, recuperated from scrapyards.” Segarra highlights.

“Antique motorcycles, and a 1955 Citröen H, that hosts a kitchen inside, real collection jewels like the wall signs collected from different countries, wrench shape tableware, spaces divided in workstations, vintage furniture and waiters dressed like mechanics, among other details, it achieves the capability to transport its diners to genuine mechanic shop from the 70’s.”

Taller® an unpublished concept born in 2016. Francisco Segarra reached to the biggest event in food products and service providers in United Kingdom. With a ground breaking concept. In his mind a dedication to break with the norms in hospitality, leisure with interesting designs for commercial business, with an aesthetic until now… with no competition. Tireless and creative, Francisco Segarra savours till now the success of Nº5 Garage.

A mechanic shop, a professional racer and a food truck.

Another Burger restaurant? Maybe. But showing us a lesson; in a market apparently mature, there is always room for original proposals, and the numbers confirm it., Newspaper.

Francisco Segarra’s touch in gastronomy. A brand that bets for designs and concepts with a new gastronomic business model.

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