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Francisco Segarra and his desire to discover new restaurant design concepts.


In the centre of Paris, close to the flea market, there is a place where breathing is a pleasure. In his last trip to Maison&Objet, Francisco Segarra’s curiosity guided his steps to new restaurant design concepts. A small natural oasis in the city with an outstanding sustainable concept.

La REcyclerie. A decadent space for an original initiative.

The premises of this unique restaurant located in the old Ornano train station. An abandoned place, vestige of the urban heritage, reborn and turned into a venue with social life.

Rocks, bricks, holes in the roof, cracks and graffiti in the walls. There is no doubt… its decadent, a forgotten place… the scars are visible, time keeps on its natural course.  We are in an old train station but the journey lives on towards a better world.

A strategic place with a clear purpose: REcicle, Reuse, Reduce; collaborative work. ecologic canteen, food trucks, shared gardens, DIY shop, food crops, poultry… A true urban farm and the green heart of the most cosmopolitan neighbourhood of the capital.

An unusual restaurant with vintage & industrial aesthetics, on Francisco Segarra’s line.

Under a cast iron structure, the main area has been transformed in a sustainable unusual restaurant. In the place of the old ticket box, a colossal bar made with reused flooring. here 100% natural products are served.

In the hall, colourful mismatch furniture, combines with the vintage & industrial decoration. Thousands of memories remain hidden inside luggage and old trunks. Old streetlights keep on illuminating their new passengers. A series of endearing elements that takes you back to its origins.

Gigantic windows bring skylight and wonderful views over the railway tracks, now invaded by vegetation. Trough out the sidewalk, a terrace and gardens surrounded by climbing plants. A green natural space. Isolated by the Parisian bustle, now we join this cause to take care of our planet.

More than a style, La REcyclerie promotes a lifestyle on everyone’s reach. A real innovative restaurant design concept, revolutionising the hospitality panorama in France. It’s not strange that in this unique context, Francisco Segarra feels identified.

In all his trips, the business manager of our vintage & industrial furniture firm, explores each corner in search of those outstanding venues, the latest in bar decoration. Tireless, impregnated by everything he sees to keep on expanding his infinite creative world.

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