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EMEalCUBO. Amazing elevated topography in the restaurant LA Deriva


The architect Miguel Seguí is in the front of the EMEalCUBO. The Malagan business which is the fusion between an architecture studio and a wood shop, which allows them to make global projects of architecture and design where the quality and warmth of the artisan work, is on its maximum.

His minimalistic designs are authentic pieces of art like we see in the architecture project of the restaurant La Deriva, located in the ground floors of a mall in a beautiful building in the old part of the city of Malaga.

The team of EMEalCUBO, boost the original structures of the walls loaded with bricks and great widows, using noble materials like Iroko wood on the floor and a prominence generated with more then 9000 wood slats of solid wood on the roof. A total of 7 lineal kilometers in seventeen different levels that are grouped creating an attractive topography.

Used to design exclusive furnishings for specific spaces and clients that looked for special pieces. They have manufactured high and low chairs with solid Iroko wood. The rest of the furnishing pieces were selected is from our vintage, industrial furniture catalogue.

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Along with high tables, the high bar stools upholstered in leather William, accommodate the most informal zones. In the dining room zones the upholstered chairs Lara and the Dres chairs in color white with rusted finish from Francisco Segarra in a limited edition that gives support and comfort with class.

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The unmistakable aesthetic of the Chester, the luminous lines in volute shape and its capitone finish gives warmth to the space.

Other pieces that brands the aesthetic of the venue is the old mailbox and the furniture pieces designed for the hospitality sector like the Monaco Furniture, a robust furniture in solid wood tough like a pantry closet and the furniture piece Milan, as an auxiliary piece the isle bottle holder with access in both sides

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