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A restaurant design with a school feel. La Cantine du Vignoble.


There are moments in life that cannot be forgotten, La cantine du Vignoble is a restaurant design that takes us directly to a school’s cosy and gentle environment with a warm commercial interior design, trough Francisco Segarra’s vintage furniture. A space that will wake or most innocent and nostalgic side.

La cantine du Vignoble. A restaurant design that takes us back to childhood…

Rooms full of hopes and dreams, bags filled with knowledge. Dictates and times tables, a game of marbles and hopscotch. Pranks, laughs, and learning… Back to school with a childhood flashback.
In the small city of Basse Goulaine, among wine fields, there is a place full of happy memories, La Cantine du Vignoble. A different restaurant interior design concept that gives relevance to those typical Nantes region’s products, a space that recreates a rustic, country school.

This restaurant concept offers an exclusive menu based on fresh products from the crop. Written in old notebooks, by hand and with pen. Kids and adults love the menu. In this canteen, everyone eats everything without objection!

Contract furniture, Agora chairs

A hospitality interior design with Francisco segarras’s most colourful furniture.

As soon as you come in, a tree with garlands in the middle of the room catches our attention, in an instant the space takes shape of a school patio during celebrations.
Colourful tables and chairs wait for the students, hungry for knowledge. Writings on chalkboards, giant maps… the classroom fills with colours and smiles.
Wine barrels, crates of fresh fruits. Wooden furniture with scoured paint, a rustic style for a restaurant that pays tribute to its winegrowing countryside land.
In Francisco Segarra, we love to see how interior design professionals achieve the most beautiful side of our catalogue’s furniture, through a surprising concept like La Cantine du Vignoble.

Interior design project: La Cantine du Vignoble.
Interior designer: Florent Aublin
Commercial furniture: Agora chairs and tables; Sakata bench; Carioca and Igari table; Dune sink, Muriel bar cart; Adela shelf; Rabat and Atlanta lamps; Metal panels.

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