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Chairs, armchairs…. and sofas. Seats for an authentic interior design.


The hospitality sector has bypassed the economic crisis thanks to its capacity to adapt to the new social panorama and to those new consumer habits. Instituted in this positive moment, of growth and expansion, this way the sector follows real close all the gastronomic and hospitality trends from the consumers. Healthy food, molecular gastronomy or traditional cooking… bets with a common point. Personality, identity and character; definitely authentic.

More than an original plate, a complete and memorable experience requires an ingenious interior design.

To have original seats. It´s key in hospitality.

The selection of the type of seats in all the hospitality establishments is an important decision to think it trough. In the majority of cases depends of factors like space, design, functionality or the budget. Entrepreneurs or people responsible for the hospitality furnishing have to take the decision based in these criteria, subject to the specific characteristics of the business.

Chairs, Armchairs or Sofas?

Restaurant decor ideas for decoration

It seems like a dilemma. That uncertainty facing that necessity to create a different scenario can be resolved with bravery. Chairs, stools or armchairs… Poufs, benches even sofas. The key is not to have limits.

A cup of coffee in a professional meeting, a few beers with friends, a shared dessert on a date… A seat for every occasion.

Armchairs next to a centre table. Stools next to the bar. A sofa in an intimate corner… the privilege to select a seat.

A broad selection of seats enriched by the variety of their textures. Wicker, velvet, leather… a set of material accentuating the authenticity of the space.

With a feeling staunch towards vintage and atypical spaces, with a long trajectory leading the hospitality furnishing market with the trust of the people, we are talking fully aware.

Francisco Segarra. The most authentic catalogue for your business. The solution of the dilemma with endless possibilities to accommodate the client.


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