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Tapas restaurant interior decor in Valencia. Tintapa by Tariq Estudio.


Restaurant interior decor to promote the creative talent of professionals in interior design as the objectives of our projects section we show you the design versatility of our pieces .

Disclosing the good doing of the experts in interior architecture and design of spaces, showcasing the latest trends and the most influential currents. 130 published projects of different styles. these are the best showcase for our contract furniture catalogue.

Proof of that, is an ambitious project well executed by Tariq Estudio with the objective to boost the presence of the brand, a new image of the Taperia Tintapa in C/ Muro de Santa Ana, Valencia.

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¨Tradition and sophistication are not separate, we find a clear example in the interior design of this Tapas restaurant interior that values the culture of wines and tapas. The main element of the projects goes around the articulation of the bar, as an element that combines the use of metal in the upper part and wood in the bottom, giving a tinge of industrial and traditional cellar to the project.

The shown brick walls is the highlight of the space with a long path that goes through the restaurant and bathrooms that connects it to the historic exterior. Along this plane we find a table service in the different environments the venue offers.

Some other areas of Tariq Estudio have focus their attention in carefully selecting the furniture, they decided for collection pieces from the firm of Francisco Segarra, pieces in harmony with the intention of the project. Working with furniture that combines vintage & industrial style that fits to perfection in the work¨ (Tariq Estudio).

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Commercial furniture suppliers fsMonica Tarazona and Victor Riquelme, are part of the architecture studio and interior design Tariq Estudio. To be able to perceive the architecture and the interior spaces as a whole, achieving a flow of both disciplines that puts them on course to the objective, obtaining well cared spaces, where design, furniture, illumination and textures fuses in a perfect symbiosis.

This is the great potential in interior design, to create atmospheres that allows us to live a unique emotional experience, comfortable surroundings recreated under a corporate image, even so for a tapas restaurant interior design, the illumination has been well cared, generating a sensorial experience that surrounds the client.

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Tapas restaurant francisco segarra furniture

The service of the chain of restaurants is innovative and dynamic, centring their ¨Leit motiv¨ in a young and active brand, making evident the process of elaboration, like ¨Show Cooking¨  as live cooking, all that is evident in the new franchise image, boosted by the pieces of industrial style with a urban aesthetics like the Inma sofas upholstered in leather or all the seats as stools and benches in an informal space.

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Restaurant interior decor, Architects, interior designers, decoration studios…. Are part of our clientele; passionate of their work, joining us in our passion for the vintage & industrial aesthetics. To these professionals’ experts in the art of creating cosy, attractive, seductive places, Francisco Segarra will continue to bring transgressor design and a continuous renovations in favour of the exclusivity of the business.

Our special thanks to Monica and Victor for counting and trusting our firm for their work, and to give us the opportunity to contemplate the culmination of the labour of this contract project.

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