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Victoria Brown, a spectacular project of interior design for the Hospitality sector.


After the mural made by Martín Ron from the queen Victoria from United Kingdom seated in her carriage, in the sliding steel gate that covers the façade of Victoria Brown in Buenos Aires Argentina, the spectacular design of interior spaces from the architects Fernando Hitzig & Leonardo G. Militello of H.M Architects can be found.

Interior styling ideas

With an industrial environment, the space counts with certain interventions with Steampunk style, where the criteria to follow was the equilibrium among the composite industrial  elements in an elegant environment.

The abandoned shed of 500m2, has a coffee shop with a fictional wall made of bricks with red curtains that suggest an access to the clandestine bar, protected by the unsettling look of a picture typical of newspapers from the beginning of the past century.

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Both spaces should present despair aesthetics. The coffee shop presents elements typically locally like the illumination with demijohns and materials proper of a typical new york bakery.

The axel of the project is the creation of three different use areas. In front of the bar of illuminated marble, three great semi-circular seats are situated under old tanks.

Bar interior designs

The subdivided halls with folding screens of old doors that allow to eventually be closed  to change the distribution, this gives a clear industrial image and it generates a versatile space.

Interior design project vintage

Chairs tables for interior decoration

The pipe system that goes around the roof, imitate the concept of the distillery of whisky and trough the interior instead of alcohol, light is going through fulfilling the important task of illuminating the venue.

Vintage decorations

Over the brick wall there’s is the face of Mr. Brown, that suggest a story of the supposed affair of the widow queen Victoria of England and her Scottish servant John Brown.

Commercial interior desing

Artefacts like the clock with vertical grinds and an old machine from the XIX century that were generated through the union of old objects and both are in functional.

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Interior design fs

To obtain the old factory environment of the end of the XIX century, the services of a specialized set designer that made the treatment of aged bricks.

Restaurant interior decoration

Altogether, it generates a genuine environment, surrounded in an atmosphere that has detail like the soft light, the voice of Nina Simone, The Scottish shirts of the waiters or the graphic image generated with Minerva prints from the 1800´s.

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