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Soul food in a decadent inspired space. Sweet Victoria.


After the proposal of By Architect Publications, to create a monograph of the firm Francisco Segarra, the work was intense but the result profoundly satisfying.

Vintage interior design books by Francisco SegarraThis company from Barcelona, has a consolidated experience in the editorial production, also in studies about architecture and decoration, as a referent to architects and interior designers around the world.

A retrospective look. The synthesis of an intense trajectory turned into a written query.

A journey through the most exemplary work, some own, others a result of a team of professionals in the apex of their careers. Aesthetic emotions, most of them, shared in these projects, other yet to be discovered. This is the case of sweet Victoria

Going back in time to the Mid-century Valencia, Sweet Victoria transport us to a black and white Valencia, to those old streets were the last trolleybus and watchman passed.

Sweet Victoria food and more SL. Is a gastro-cooltural group from Valencia, founded by Victoria Del Hoyo and Dulce Iborra. Soul food in Roteros street number 13, in el Carmen.

Restaurant Interior Design with decadent Inspiration.

A theatrical space design, to pay tribute to those timeless recipes, to those market and garden products. To the designers and entrepreneur’s ancestors. To her great-grandparents, Victoria and Porfirio, they knew how to recognise the old meat place that one day arrange in Catalina Plaza.

Far from being sybarite, our kitchen is from our childhood, healthy food, being served anytime in a decadent style surrounding. Bake room, bread baskets, bottle racks and the pantry, all in plain sight. Cement beams and small vaults, with plaster and rosettes. The antique fencing and lattice, a space without a doubt, is like a souvenir photo.

Among English crockery and old copper and tin pans, suspended from old hooks from the original butchery; the vintage signature of a trendy firm, Francisco Segarra, seats, luminaires and furniture, some are tailor made for this interior design project, this is the case of the bar counter, constructed from two independent elements; a working bench with marble table top, doors from an old milk chamber with locks and tin handles. Flanked by iron structures that are used to hang kitchen utensils.

Interior design with the mark ¨Victoria¨, omnipresent attributes in Trece and Casa Victoria, and other restaurants she owns, purposely made pieces and unique elements with Francisco Segarra´s identity, not leaving behind the unfinished walls, surface cracks and the wear and tear of those pieces with memories… Perfection means to eliminate the defects, but decadence finds in them the perfection.



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