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Francisco Segarra in Colombia, hand to hand with ¨La Revolución industrial¨


The attraction for the vintage aesthetics comes to South America, hand to hand  with ¨La Revolución Industrial¨, business partners of Francisco Segarra in Colombia.

Claudia Correa and Francisco Agudelo; Passionate about design and interior decoration, after a successful trajectory leaded by a creative platform, focused in promoting and position its own designs and also work from independent designers, helping in the creation of authentic spaces with personality, embarking in a new business adventure.

¨La Revolución Industrial ¨ Since 2013, the company originated in Medellín, Colombia. It commercializes with pieces from our firm, present in the most prestigious design fairs, it develops its commercial activity parallel to Francisco Segarra. Its contribution to the furnishing of leisure venues like cafeterias and restaurants, shows that there is a rise in the market for vintage decoration in Colombia.

Contract furniture

Proof of that; Burdo and Alambique, two hospitality interior design projects with its own identity.

Alambique. Kitchen, Laboratory and Bar.

Fs restaurant decoration ¨Alambique was done thinking in the warmth of the wood and the freshness of nature. Is to try to take these elements and embody its essence in the middle of a busy urban centre, always distant from the monotony of the greyish cement, made with a 90% recycled material, each element tells a story and thanks to that Alambique turned into an oasis in this jungle of cement ¨

The success of an ostentatious less project.

Its inexistent ostentatious decorations is what they like the most, couples or group of friends hat attend attracted by the program of classic Rock or Reggae that in this region it’s a big differentiator. Its dark environment, simple and far from stereotypes of the rock bars make this cocktail bar in a unique place.

An attracting bizarre decoration.

Alambique is located in the middle of a chaotic zone of Medellin, right next to one of the most busy streets of the city. From the outside you can only notice the place if you look up and see all the vegetation of the many plants in the balcony.

Distinguishing marks in the entrance, a small recycled door from an old house, gives access to one of the white stairs, when you reach the stairs a big hall that makes it more intriguing, an exposition area for local artists, with grey walls and the floor with old tiles in green tones surrounds the place. Again full of plants.

Commercial furniture online FS

After you get over the feeling of going in the wrong place, you feel the need to look around  to connect with the atmosphere and admire the details of a rustic space full of iron, wood and green; with a kitchen in plain sight and the shelves full of FS kitchenware needed for chefs and bartenders . The whole balcony is a bar that looks over Medellin´s sunsets.

The FS furniture in the venue is a mix of antique shop, recuperated pieces or pieces designed by them like the table with a central flower pot also selected pieces from Francisco Segarra´s collection commercialized by the firm ¨La Revolución Industrial¨.

Interior design ideas

Interior design ideas

Contract furniture

The back of the bar reflects the spirit of the place, constructed in recycled wood, it extends towards the roof, decorated with curious objects, books, plants and a selection of liquors of the bar is the background curtain of the majestic bar, constructed from one piece of pinion ear tree, a fine wood from the region, complemented by a line of long chairs or Lara stools from the seating collection of Francisco Segarra.

The soft light and the decoration turn the environment into something cosy and perfect to enjoy the new cocktails and culinary proposal, based in the elaborated dishes made in a slow and well cared process, Lots of oven and lots of tropic heat, with ingredients from the region, always experimenting with new combinations and flavours.

Commercial seating

Contract furniture

Commercial seating

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