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The market enviroment blends in the interior design project of Francisco Segarra, La Guindilla


Francisco Segarra took over the interior design and furnishing project of the gastro tasca ¨La Guindilla¨, the last projects of the group la Guindilla, managed by José Romero Parra. An easy going person and entrepreneur that with work and determination has been positioned in the head of the leisure and gastronomic sector of the province of Castellón.

Six venues in full performance, the majority opened in the last five years, his knowledge on the product quality backs him up, the elaboration, presentation are the key of success.

The differentiation of the competition has permitted the acceptance of the demanding client of the sector. Francisco Segarra has taken this renovation to the objective of having an atmosphere of buying local products, which is the common element of the elaboration of the plates.

The idea of creating a space where to evoke the reception of food, like if is a slice of ham, is reflected in the facade by the repetition of trusses of a modernist style that reminds us the loading docks.

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In the interior, the old balcony fences, the bar structure manufactured in Francisco segarra´s shop and the Alicante blinds, give shape to the counter that recreated old market stands, the walls with worn paint by the pass of time, it transport us to a time where the buying of local products was necessary for making any recipe.
The floors belong to the collection of Francisco Segarra in collaboration with Peronda Group, they are ceramic floors in red paste, pre-cut designs that are inspired in traditional pieces.

Interior design ideas

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Interior design ideas

A ¨Fence¨or structure separates the room in two zones with an atmosphere of backroom with coated and lining walls with a compositions of old mirrors and a roof made with a metal mesh and another zone of product sales and food merchandise, this is where the bar is at.

The side entrance gives us a direct perspective to the service hatch. Link between the product elaboration and the diners. This is made as a horizontal tear of recycled wood, aged and riped in an abrupt mode.

Interior design ideas
The general illumination is on low intensity. It achieves a singular environment that is composed as pendant luminaires of industrial style and shop style lamps with protective mesh, from our collection of Francisco Segarra. The interior luminous sign made in our vintage and industrial furniture shops with recuperated wood.

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The bathrooms, wall tiles in white colour, wooden trims at medium height, mesh ceiling with old lock (shutters) of the original facade, marked and used as wall lining.
In general open spaces with a simple distribution and a non-pretentious decoration, free of overwhelming elements, that make the client feel comfortable at any time of the day without feeling overdosed by the decoration that is put over the fundamental objective, the product.

Interior design ideas

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The furniture used in the room, required practical and versatile pieces, to obtain the maximum performance in diners, since the broad terrace have to be put in place every day, for that the proper design dres vintage chair and bar stools where selected, design from the 20´s from our furniture line of Francisco Segarra.

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