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A bold and crude space where imperfections are the highlight of the aesthetics.


We sell music, coffee, drinks and food. We are a Burdo bar.

On the margin of similitudes and differences between two languages so rich in history, it only takes one look to understand the significance of this picturesque space.

Because in Burgos the aesthetics is defined by its ways. MASIF Design Affair has worked on the concept and development of the design process of this venue, located in the town of Medellin. A rugged venue were we find  pieces from the Francisco Segarra´s catalogue like the long chairs Lara, distributed in Colombia for La ¨la Revolución Industrial¨.

Taking the relative connotations of a space not cared for and its finish shows imperfections, its understood that the ethnology somewhat doubtful from the term ¨burdo¨ (something crude). Because in this sense is true BURDO shows its self as rustic and imperfect.

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In MASIF a group of young talented people come together, between twenty-four and thirty two years old. Auto-denominated like the new sons of the massive production. Observers, participants and performers of the contemporary world, form a diverse team of great value at the time to experiment and generate different and on the forefront of space decoration, by means of using those things that they love and motivates them like the music, art and food… and design related affairs.

United in the wish to make the best possible, they have specialized in commercial interior design that denotes the participation of art directors, space creators, industrial designers, architects and ¿ why not? Clients in search of aesthetic proposals to add value to its brands.

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BURDO is the business card of the meeting point among the necessities of the client and to know the client needs and to know how to create a creative team that has reached the antithesis of the ordinary.

Our presence in this great project is due to ¨La Revolucion Industrial¨, Claudia Correa and Francisco Agudelo. In charge of the company that manage since 2013 like Francisco Segarra´s Partners.

Passionate about design and decoration, they had a fructiferous trajectory in front of a creative platform based on the hard work to promote and position its projects of independent designers, with own designs, capable of generating authentic spaces with personality. A lucky encounter has taken this business adventure next to Francisco Segarra.

¨La Revolución industrial¨ sells pieces from our extensive vintage furniture catalogue and its contribution in the furnishing of commercial business like cafeterias and restaurants, Its true that there is a market on the rise when it comes to interior decoration in Colombia.

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Moving away from the own characteristics of the so called restrobar where the drinks turn into the centre of attention, delegating food in a second place; BURDO has a well structure Menu, with the best liquors and traditional cocktails like Gin tonic or Margaritas. The Machete burger surrounded in bacon strips with a side of chips covered in cheddar cheese , it has become in one of the most successful recipes of the place.

With the connotations of an old north American underground restaurant, the space is irreverent with the established rules, it plays with numerous imperfections in its walls with hypnotizing geometry and elegant capitones. Wood, Leather and vegetation that turns into visual resources of huge impact.

A bar, BURDO, heading towards the aesthetics affine to our commercial line of products. We hope that you enjoy it like we do.

Don’t forget to comment and visit Alambique. It’s bizarre and less pretentious decoration that surprises.

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