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Restaurant interior design on the forefront of sustainability.


BumpGreen. Food with spirit.

BumpGreen restaurant located in the capital of Salamanca, created by Adriana Nicolau and Tomás Nofre. This is a pleasant establishment with healthy food and a well-cared decoration, with furniture and decoration pieces from Francisco Segarra.

A restaurant on the forefront of sustainability.

The essence of BumpGreen consist in a gastronomic bet, ¨tasty, healthy and sustainable¨ by the hand of Chef David Ariza and Jord Breso, this restaurant concept offers Mediterranean and market cuisine, classified as the ¨slow food¨ philosophy.

¨Food with spirit¨. A motto where the food is understood as a pleasure, to take conscience and responsibility.

Green is the connecting path of this innovative interior design project, a true outburst of senses. BumpGreen reminds us a luxurious home in the English country but in decadence due to the pass of time, nature has taken over the decoration, mosses and branches climb the brick walls. A cosy set up with decadent and romantic atmosphere to enjoy and feel comfortable.

Green lungs in the middle of the city, an oasis for the bystanders.

¨We wanted something decadent, but luxurious from past decades, so I imagined an old mansion in the English country, but in the decadence preserves hints of that lost opulence and as if nature has taken over all the corners of the place¨ (Adriana Nicolau).

A sustainable restaurant, that not only offers healthy food, but stands out for the decoration, implementing natural elements in the design and furnishing, contributing by taking care of the planet.

Fulfilling this objective, far from staying in one commercial line, BumpGreen´s design has many personalities. Furniture with recuperated materials, worked by recognized artisans, selected by the firm like Francisco Segarra or even designed by Adriana, prestigious interior designer and owner of the venue.

This space has accessories by European providers, others bought in the many trips toParis flea market, real special pieces, like the India vintage table from Francisco Segarra collection.

A contribution that makes us feel part of a life philosophy with conscience. BumpGreen is a clear example that financial profitability, sustainability are compatible.



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