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Interior design with authentic Basque flavour in Estraperlo Restaurant.


The peculiarity of our work, the complicity or the emotional factor has taken Francisco Segarra to be involved in some projects. The interior design team with its professional experience, the artistic side and the vocation and interest to make evident the emotions trough design, utilizing their original work which fusions the aesthetics and the business goals in a creative and visionary connection without any restrictions, capable of receiving, transmitting and embody the needs of our clients, being vital a professional link with the sector.

FS furniture has a strong presence in the international market, at the same time he has been a key piece in the prolific rise of the economic sector of the city where he started it all, Castellón. In the last years new businesses with different concepts and a broad gastronomic variety to offer have emerged. Francisco Segarra has become a prophet in his own land, when he applies his market knowledge and that emotional connection to everything he does. ¨Forn le Petit¨, ¨Nº5 burger¨, ¨Malabar¨, ¨La Guindilla¨ All now a reference point in the hospitality sector of the city of Castellón. Materialized concepts into comfortable and cosy places pushed by art and imagination, maximizing the income of the business under a unique and original aesthetic which helps pick up new clients with allegiance.

In a sector where the life style, economy and social networks are very important factors, a demanding market emerges, they investigate, complain, judge but at the same time shares the good and bad experiences, they trust in the published public opinions, making this the new ¨word of mouth¨, a trustworthy way to qualify what is being offered.

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Estraperlo; (Commercial activity of rationed goods, after the Spanish civil war).

Estraperlo, Clandestine delicacies in one place with the authentic escence of the North.

The branches of an orange tree produces strange shadows that reflect in the facade, this reminds us of the forest where back in the days the smugglers brought Estraperlo goods. Modernist doors with colourful glass welcome us, the floor plays with the contrast of textures and materials, merging traditional tiles and an antique parquet floor, a good election for this peculiar place.

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The lower floor is a bit more informal, with high tables and stools where to enjoy a cold beer accompanied by a variety of pintxos (Basque region tapas) to the purest Estraperlo style… as a central piece an imposing tailor made wooden bar with zinc sheets, it simulates an old storage pantry for clandestine products.

The first floor serves as the dining area, here the Basque gastronomy becomes an authentic experience with details that transports us to the north of the country, deconstructed walls to leave the brick shown in a process that rescues the charm of forgotten surfaces… tables, chairs and tableware make up an heterogeneous harmony that captivates and invites us to seat and relax. Here a warm sensation is generated by the skylight and the reflections that aged mirrors produce.

In this interior design project the intention was to preserve the traditional image of the Basque country, Francisco Segarra has been able to encapsulate and embody the concept with his own seal of identity. The selection of furniture for this project also the effort and the capacity to interpret the demands of the sector with results that have its own personality and identity.

The second floor is full of sensations, stories, people enjoying how they know best… around a table. The wall as a trip through time, generated by the juxtaposition of antique clocks which belongs to the family collection, it reminds us that the time stopped her, in this homelike and clandestine place.

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