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A restaurant interior design represented by the four natural elements. Nativo.


Situated In a residential area and surrounded by different venues dedicated to leisure and gastronomy, Nativo is presented as a different offer when it comes to gastronomic concepts.  A return to the origins with original ingredients and traditional flavours. contemporary touch in the way they prepare, cook and present it.

The decoration, made by Francisco Segarra´s interior design team, was centred to boost that feel of traditional sensations, updated. Going back to the past, somehow it always comes back, It was always there, a look back, a return of the essence.

Restaurants interior design by Francisco Segarra

Nativo. The interior design as an added value to a heritage gastronomy.

As a starting point, the origin, the four natural elements; Earth, water, air and fire. Earth; Mother, home and crib. Present through the reddish and terracotta bricks and tapestries, in natural fibers, rattan, esparto. Water; Source of life that makes the vegetation germinate. Effective through aquamarine tones in the moist areas of the room. Air, freshness, aromas; Light elements that lets the breeze in, loaded with flavors that circulate through shutters and lattices. Fire as the main element in the kitchen; Embers, smudged wood, pottery hardened and blackened by the effect of the flames, even the lighting is tinted with a coppery tone to accompany and to frame the scene.

The premises to follow: to achieve a cozy space, with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, in which sonority and sound insulation have a primordial role, and where it is tried to achieve an absolute versatility in the distribution of tables. For this, the main change regarding the original distribution of the establishment is centered on the creation of a main bar, visible from any point of the stay and the terrace, and which functions as heart and soul of the restaurant. From here the challenge was to eliminate the “tube” sensation, transmitted by the premises. Defined different zones, united but clearly delimited through the decoration, furniture and arches made to measure, which also visually eliminate excess columns.

By using warm materials such as wood, rattan, natural fibers; A harmonic color palette and a dim lighting, you get the perfect setting to taste what the innkeeper group calls it, a gastronomy of heritage. An exquisite menu where the traditional and the current come together.

Our contribution to interior design in the field of gastronomy.

With Native Traditional Deli, there are already three restaurants in the group created by Kike Júlvez and Carlos Vallejo in 2013. Marengo, La Bocca and Nativo. This new interior design project is joined by Santiago Vallejo as an investment partner. 400 seats and 50 employees, as well as an important turnover, endorse its business model that bets on a different gastronomic offer and a very careful decoration.
With the loyalty of a good client and with the total trust placed in our firm, there was no pretext for not tackling a challenging project.

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