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Retail design & commercial furniture, the best weapons to yield profit.


In Francisco Segarra, we know that the retail industry is in constant evolution and to reach success it needs to be surprising and original. A retail shop is not only an establishment dedicated exclusively to selling a products, it is a place filled with experiences and connections. For that reason, design has become in the best weapon to make a difference. Our new Francisco Segarra’s furniture collection for retail has arrived.

Retail interior design. Art, differentiation and profits for your shop.

Retail furniture for decoration

Retail store design, to transform a simple venue into a sensational place that dazzles the heart of the business centre.

When optimizing the presentation of a commercial space and its products, the brand tells its story and transmits its message. The main objective? To capture the attention of the passers-by and turn this instant into a possible sale.

This is how, experimental marketing and visual commercialization take on a very important role in a relevant retail design. Because a well-designed shop, sells better and of course more.

The space distribution, the corporate image, colours and music … and of course, illumination and furnishings. Each criteria requires a profound study and the intervention of professionals in retail interior design. Francisco Segarra brings to your shop a very suggestive collection.

Francisco Segarra’s furniture. Character, personality and functionality for your shop.

Today, retail furniture does not serve only the purpose to place products. It’s an ally to call the attention and highlight the quality of the products. A product no matter how amazing it is, can go unnoticed if it doesn’t have an adequate presentation.

An adequate presentation …  we understand character and style with exclusive retail decor Francisco Segarra furnishes your shop with personality and strength.

The union of the mango wood and metal in one retail furniture collection of exhibitor pieces for your shop. Glass display cabinets to keep your most prestigious articles. retail display racks to highlight your flagship products. Mirrors, coat hangers and the wellbeing and enjoyment of the clients.

Let us surprise you with our retail furniture Nicole, Edwan and Berto. turn your retail shop into a place for experiences and connections. A new furniture collection that fuses aesthetics, flexibility and functionality.

Design your retail shop, transform your venue and be the most original business around !

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