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Moremoto, retail interior design for motorcycle lovers.


Moremoto is a company located in Madrid, specialized in the sale and maintenance of mopeds and motorcycles. A retail concept that stands out because of its outstanding design where the FS Manises-T tiles from the Francisco Segarra collection fits in the retail design project. Founded in 1999, Moremoto premiered as a small repair shop. Eighteen years later, the firm has specialized, consolidating its reputation and corporate image in the industry.

A warehouse of more than 2500m2 and a shop of 400m2 where to display all kinds of accessories. The aesthetic has clear references to the golden age of motorcycles in North America between the sixties and seventies but with a Japanese fusion. This commercial interior design project has been carried out by  Stone Designs studio, a firm that works only with companies that really feels affinity. A studio with a strong connection with nature and a taste for simplicity with a personal perspective, without censorship or filters.

Outstanding retail interior design

When addressing a retail design project, multiple factors are taken into account, with the intention of influencing the client’s experience and behavior. Therefore, the upper part of the establishment is a matte black colour, this way the space reference is lost, in favour of a theatrical effect on the exhibition area, just as the product is accentuated more and the customer feels more embrased and less observed.

The distribution of the commercial space pays special attention to the corners. The elements and materials were carefully selected to enhance each other. The colours serve to differentiate zones, in addition to bringing shine on the wood. A play of contrasts also present on the counter, made with metal sheets with the warmth of neon lights, that reminds us of the marquee of an old gas station, diner or motel on an American road. The lamps are made of rice paper and wood that gives the distinctive touch of Japanese style.

¨The materials have been carefully selected so that they stand out between each other, they speak of the space to which they are destined. This way, the vintage tiles from FS by Peronda collection have been chosen in the spare parts area, recalling an old garage or workshop¨ (Stone Designs Studio on Francisco Segarra)

In this establishment everything is measured to increase the user experience and  to yield profit of the business with a correct application of the necessary knowledge on retail decoration and  commercial interior design. Without a doubt Moremoto is the new referent for motorcycles lovers.


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