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Retro counter stools model Nordwich

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Upholstered retro counter stools with capitone style cushion, over a metalic frame. available in diferent colors!

18,11×19,68xh28,74/40,55 in


Reference 16801011/13

This product comes disassembled.

Nordwich retro bar stools color brown Reference 16801011

Retro counter stools brown

Nordwich retro bar stools color blue  Reference 16801012

Retro counter stools blue

Nordwich retro bar stools color green  Reference 16801013

Retro counter stools green

Vintage or Retro Stools?

Our Nordwich stool stands between retro and vintage aesthetics. its pointed ended legs are inspired in the retro style furniture very usual in the 60´s, 70´s, 80´s.

Unlike the Brighton stool that has a rhombus shape stitched pattern, the Nordwich stool has a false Capitone tapestry.

What is the difference between a false Capitone and a Capitone ?

The Capitone is linked with the birth of the Chester Sofa, as an artesan technique that recalled elegance and class, only suitable for experts and patient hands, giving the furniture piece a sophisticated look.

The classic technique is made with one piece of cloth that is put in place by buttons distributed evenly.

the wrinkles and folds make the amount of fabric to increase making it more costly and difficult to make.

But with the false capitone the same finish can be accomplished with less complicated steps, using different pre cut pieces of fabric folded over and put in place by the buttons.

The result is as elegant as the other technique but a lot more affordable.

Retro bar stools for interior design projects. We offer contract furniture solutions at

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