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Sewing furniture with standards of a great tv show. “Maestros de la costura”


 Maestros de la costura, a tribute to couture and fashion design. A new talent show produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, with a 17 % share, in a successful premiere, gathering more than 2.350.000 spectators. A fantastic adventure, where we can see Francisco Segarra’s vintage sewing furniture.

Art, Talent and excitement in Maestros de la costura tailor shop.

One, two, three, Let’s put on the smock and sew! In this magnificent tailoring shop, the apprentices start to show their scissors and needles skills. Maestros de la costura comes in strong and the apprentices with much enthusiasm to start sewing.

Masters of the outlines, patterns and fabric cuts, customized or tailored clothes of any kind and colours… Trough different challenges, we will discover all the stages of a noble and creative craft.

Each Monday at 22:30 hrs. The excitement is real; this promising show is loaded with strong emotions. Happiness for overcoming many tests, sadness for the elimination. A talent show highlighted for its original format and a unique decoration, never before seen on television.

Maestros de la costura and Francisco Segarra. A magnificent decoration with sewing and crafts furniture.

Great spaces to create great masterpieces. The person responsible for the artistic decoration, Ulia Loureiro Ishi-Kawa, has managed to make an outstanding t.v set decoration, turning it in an authentic sewing shop.

Antique furniture to save the magic of a lost craft. Boxes full of wool skeins, drawers of rolls of thread. Straps, ribbons, pearls, buttons, zippers… A palette of colours and textures that wraps the surroundings, making us dream with great fashion designs.

Pedals and flywheels of antique sewing machines, vintage folding screens made of wood, colourful carpets and old irons… Pieces with soul and stories to enhance the Spanish textile industry.

Maestros de la costura and Francisco Segarra. An extraordinary show and brand. A marvellous collaboration that extols those television projects with unique spaces.

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