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Creativity, passion and a touch of madness in 3.000 m2. Come and visit our Showroom!

Vintage and industrial furniture showroom

Optimistic, brave and tenacious. Intuitive and visionary. Great business ideas live in Francisco Segarra’s mind. Burchick, Casa Vicenta, Ofelia, Fish Market, The tree House Club, La Caja Dorada… Creativity in 3000 m2. A unique showroom, an incredible and authentic project.

Francisco Segarra. Passion as a booster, Creativity acts as reflexes.

For a concept to be creative, it can’t be obvious or common. It needs to stand out for its singularity and its rarity. It is a fact that Francisco Segarra has something clear. Because the foundation of his ideas, make a difference and breaks all the norms.

And this is how, with passion and conviction, Francisco Segarra can transform its showroom in a true idea’s centre, an exhibition area designed for the visitors to imagine its future businesses.

Casa Vicenta. In a small bar with authentic Spanish flavour.

Burchick.  promotes the protection of the environment in a grill restaurant with a country house decoration.

Ofelia. To create a cafeteria for the enjoyment of our five senses by means of a healthy and homelike meal.

Fish Market. Daring design, of an authentic Japanese restaurant.

The tree house Club. The heart of the commercial street.

La caja Dorada. Surprise yourself with a luxurious boutique and a new retail concept.

Among the different spaces, we can perceive features of a restless spirit. For a moment, we think, who could think of something like that? But in the end, we can understand it… The most beautiful and admirable side of Francisco Segarra, is its own madness. Because the craziest ideas, are the work of a genius.

Vibrant and thrilling, come and discover our showroom and share our passion for vintage.


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