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Francisco Segarra Sponsors the third edition of ¨Love Story¨


Those events that promote the cultural patrimony of the city of Castellón. They always count with the collaboration of Francisco Segarra. The historic building halls of the Real Casino Antiguo of Castellón hosted the III edition of Love Story. A Space dedicated to Love, a fair that embraces the world of weddings.

Like in previous editions Francisco Segarra in favour of the businesses of our city, sponsored the event, lending pieces demanded by the organization and the exhibiting brands; in favour of surrounding at the same level of the sample.

¨ Again Francisco Segarra sponsors Love Story Fair, in their third edition, this is a fair dedicated to Love, a world of magic of weddings and couples. It took place the days 10th, 11th, 12th of February in the Old casino of Castellón, to all that charm we added that romantic touch that our vintage & Industrial furniture contributes.

A warm and close fair were the people attending can find everything they need for that special day, maybe looking for inspiration, even buying a present in their pop up market, something new for this edition ¨Saint valentine’s Day¨ that captivated everyone.

Trough out the whole weekend, were many musical numbers, a book presentation, make-up and hair style demos, even tapper sex.

The organization group that makes this event possible every year, is composed by members of TheLab communications and Isaac G. Sidro & Fletcher, also with the collaboration of Carlos Bru, also Los sueños de Nona that decorates the halls with great taste, along with La Rosa Blanca flower shop and all the Francisco Segarra´s furnishings¨. (Cris Cavaller, The lab communication).

To spruce up halls with much history, being able to compose a romantic scene that generates a dream atmosphere, a significant labour where Los Sueños de Nona is in charge. Elsa an expert in creative decoration and specialized in events, she carefully selected from our showroom, furniture pieces that help to create this magical place.

Francisco segarra collaboration love story

Amanda Dreamhunter, is the new creative studio, as Carmen and Aitor´s alter ego; Artistic Directors, experts in design and illustrations, also an expert photographer in nuptial stories.

They tell love stories using images with a peculiar and fun vision, all it took was a visit to our web catalogue to know what they were looking for, just a drive away to pick up, and it was love at first sight with our furniture.

¨Our small 2×1, 5m Stand should show that Amanda is a nuptial photography studio, with three open photo albums that takes almost a meter, however we wanted the concept that we based our decoration to be a little more personal, and all the material and furniture should fit in our cars.

Our studio is a long and deep table for two working positions, with two computer monitors each, Aitor´s side is always neat, free with only the keyboard and maybe a book, but my desk….  even though there is a drawing table available, and all the materials neat so it won’t take much space, it has a mysterious way of expansion around my keyboard, my ¨Must have, a dictionary of ideas, polaroid of good moments, cups full of pens, markers or pencils, nail filer, sticky notes all over, all the empty cups of coffee a person is able to drink in one day.

This chaos is my space, my place of work is what I wanted to transport, to investigate or to inspire me i don’t only use the internet, it is way too big, I go back to the basics, book passages I remember, pictures or magazine articles that shocked me, architecture books, arts and crafts, illustrations or typography books. When in the middle of a project, it all accumulates around me.

So we don’t break the charm with the furniture and accessories and the hall of the Casino, we did not wanted to add a computer screen, The Anachronism we used was the lightbox with a copy of Amanda: ¨Beauty, Truth, Love and Liberty¨ Live the bohemian life ! (Carmen. Amanda Dreamhunter)

We would like to thank everyone involved, for being able to visualise the emotional context of our designs, the gentleness of their forms. thanks for letting us be part of your projects.

Love story sponsor francisco segarra sponsor

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