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FS Nijar the star of the hydraulic tiles, in residential and commercial sector.


The magic of residential interior design. MiCasa. A publication for the lovers of spaces dedicated to habitat. Tips and more ideas. Spaces with an evoked design and a dream like style. Homes, apartments, chalets and Loft… Incredible residential projects that activate the constructive imagination.

The best complete reforms integrated in the residential interior design.

To approach the reform of a five floors home, as a big project. A real challenge, recommended only to professionals. ARRIBA Y ABAJO. The journalist Marta Sanz, shows us the work made by interior designer Lara Pujol, in a home located in the old side of town of Girona. A complete residential reform apt for brave owners and experienced professionals.

Shown rock, finished in white, ceramics… cement floors and captivating hydraulic Spanish tiles. A mosaic as a carpet, that defines the area and unveils the main piece.

FS Nijar. The star of the hydraulic floor tiles.

Star and iconic pieces. The contract and residential industry fall for this tile. An artisan timeless piece.

Moulds and design templates from an emblematic past, restored again. The cult for ornamentation comes back and technology takes them to the limit. This is how the new pieces are born, inspired in those mosaics, that decorated majestic public buildings.

A new generation of tiles. FS Nijar. Delicate lines and an aqua marine colour selection. Ceramics with traditional character, classic themes that simulate the manual decoration. Pacience and artisan skills of an almost lost trade.

Arab inspired and organic designs, on high demand. From a splendorous past with a brilliant future.

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Contract tiles Francisco Segarra

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