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Tiffins most chic of all ¨the temptations to give as gifts¨ in Elle Gourmet, Fall edition.


Tiffins most chic of all ¨the temptations to give as gifts¨ in Elle Gourmet, Fall edition, publication made for foodies, foodhunters, cocinillas, travellers gastro and good food lovers.

There’s more than 160 pages, the latest gourmet trends, the coolest restaurants, the best types of decoration and where to shop, all tough for those that wish to learn, enjoy and surprise with gastronomy.

Of trimestral periodicity, Ellen Gourmet is a delicatessen editorial, Fall edition is time for renovation and summer encounters.

For this re entrée , what best way to eat with a surprising take away container. Francisco Segarra Tiffin’s. A chic way to highlight any reunion with an original container which will be the perfect gift for the host.

In the proposal of Elle Gourmet Fall. His season, the latest in household goods to buy or collect.

Kitchenware painted by hand, trays, mugs, glasses, bowls and tiffin’s, designed by Francisco Segarra. An innovative concept in the restaurant industry, a project that comes from the manager of our firm of vintage and industrial furniture, towards other cultures traditions from India and proposes a new form to serve food in reunions, conventions and restaurants.

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