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Coworking, a successful business idea with audacious interior design.


A trend is born with new business concepts. Francisco Segarra echoes a successful business idea, design and decoration of working spaces that fosters social collaborations.

New generations, in search of evolution and innovation, taking control of our society with the bid to conceive a better world. A reality that appeals in most sectors. Starting from that idea, we are witnessing a small revolution of the layout of entrepreneurial spaces.

Coworking. A style of work integrated in a shared environment, as mentioned in our previous post about decoration of offices, productivity is a key factor.  We discover a modality that spins around the way working spaces are designed.

Participation, exchange, socialization… Values that require strategic spaces.

Unlike the typical office, the workers are not hired by the same organisation. An attractive characteristic for freelancers, entrepreneurs that travel frequently and work from home professionals that want to run away from the isolation and distractions.

To be part of a Coworking is to be part of a social group. A community of people willing to collaborate and are passionate about creating, building, sharing ideas and innovations with the world. Qualities that can be reflected in a strategic interior design, based on the efficiency and flexibility of the space.

Workers should adapt to the surroundings and the surroundings to the workers. A comfortable area, open, transparent and dynamic, where the traditional elements have no place. A New successful business idea that requires a new infrastructure.

Out of context furnishings, an unedited Coworking space.

Furnishings taken out of their natural context, laid out a unique work space. Tables, high bar stools to work and establish a conversation, armchairs and sofas for informal meetings…

The furniture integrates to the space with audacity, providing a pleasant experience to the workers with cohesive community values, the best mean to help reach the objectives.

We offer furniture that adapts to all the functional en emotional needs which requires a productive space with human and social features.  Unique pieces for new business concepts that promotes the workers well-being and comfort.


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