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BURCHICK. Concept 100% Francisco Segarra

The overwhelming personality of Francisco Segarra and his understanding for business is well known for those that for a reason or another have been in touch with the general manager of the firm that takes the leadership in the professional furniture and decoration of spaces, as long as it has an emotional or personal attractive component, his hyperactive creativity makes him a natural generator of concepts and ideas.

His enthusiasm for the hospitality sector, has taking him to obtain a deep knowledge of the sector, embodied in concepts like The ®The Blue Coffee, ®Nº5, ®Taller and now ®Burchick.

Profitable business concepts

The concept, Key factor to start a business.


¨The idea borns from two business concepts that I though they were interesting, because nowadays many hospitality businesses are set up, but not with concepts, and that’s the key of success.

Burchick unites characteristics of the typical hamburger place with a rotisserie chicken. The key of the concepts is in a reduced menu, with much quality, in one side, grilled chicken in a traditional way, marinated with black beer, spices, mustard and soy; served as a whole, half and quarts. Accompanied of baked potatoes, coleslaw or quinoa salad.

The menu allows us to taste some tasty wings marinated with honey, orange and soy. Regarding the hamburgers, is about a reduced but exquisite selection, chicken burgers with caramelized, soft mustard, arugula, sesame seeds and parmesan, or Galician beef hamburgers with crispy bacon, melted cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. But Burchick, goes more than the quality of the food, a space with cared aesthetics an environment with the intention to feel inside a barn to enjoy good food, cold beer or a WINE BURGUER.  The key of success is in the global concept. BURCHICK is a concept that will trap you for the food, the decoration and the enthusiasm that it was created¨

Restaurant ideas for business


The adaptation inside the concept. Burchick in the food Galley, Valencia.

This and other surprising concepts, developed by Francisco Segarra, as much in the restaurant business like the commercial sector, soon will be a reality the more than 10.000m2 of our installations, that expands the exposition zone to give space to new environments where the concept is materialized to be tested by the client.

Until then, a new concept that hosts Burger and Chicken; Burchick is a reality in the food Gallery of Valencia, a permanent proposal of Pop up street food, Inaugurated this past month of April like an innovative proposal of the mall Bonaire that has the reform of the main building.

The exterior parking accommodates a common zone where the food tasting of quality products and accessible, seasoned with cultural activities, is possible to taste in a broad manner the gastronomic offer in a furnished venue with maritime containers, decorated in an artistic way with striking illustrations that is planned to be opened till the end of the renovations.

This condition has motivated the original adaptation in this aesthetic stage, to adapt it to the venue needs. Soon clients and followers of our firm of furniture could see the concept developed by Francisco Segarra in his original context.


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